Suquamish 2009



Suquamish Tribe will host the end of journey events Aug. 3 – Aug. 8, 2009. 





This year is the 20 year anniversary of Paddle to Seattle; which was the first of the modern-day Native Canoe Journeys. There were no known organized traditional-style intertribal canoe journeys since the 1800’s.


The 1989 Paddle to Seattle involved 9 canoes from Washington Coastal Tribes and British Columbia paddling from Suquamish to Seattle. See More Historic Perspective CLICK HERE.


These journeys have become annual events, known by many as “Tribal Journeys”.





2009 Journey Coordinator: Tina Jackson


MORE Information on Tribal Journey 2009 Paddle to Suquamish, CLICK HERE.






This year’s paddle journey is the 20 year Anniversary of the historic 1989 Paddle to Seattle.  You can expect to learn about and experience some of the historic significance of the “canoe resurgence”. Stay tuned to this website and the Suquamish website for more info-updates.






Youth paddleing canoe for Journey 2005
Youth paddleing canoe for Journey 2005
Landing at Port Angeles 2005
Landing at Port Angeles 2005


Canoe entry ceremony - Paddle to Elwha 2005
Canoe entry ceremony – Paddle to Elwha 2005


Canoe entry Hollywood Beach, Port Angeles 2005
Canoe entry Hollywood Beach, Port Angeles 2005


22 Responses

  1. hello fellow natives . . . . looken forward to seeing you all again this yrar in neah bay . . . . . . .two of my daughters pulled last year and it was a emotional experiance for all of us .hope to do it my daughter pull in to her dads home town. . . . . awsome

  2. Hey – whats up. Thanks for the info. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but there is so much out there. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back in a few days to see if there is any more info.

  3. i can’t wait to go to makah days again i really want to get enrolled this week please vote for me and my brither this means so much for me and my brother. i know if my grandmother was here on the earth she will be very proud of us please don’t break her dreams

  4. I saw an advertisement on TV that Tribal Journey is over here in Seattle somewhere but this website says otherwise. On King 5

  5. i am looking for a list of day to day events from 8-3/8-8-8 to take my family too

  6. hello my name i myk charlie jr from songhees nation and i was just woundering how many canoes do i have that are comeing to our beach so if you can please let me know asap so i can lets our cooks and our people know that would be very helpful thank you very much you can reach me at 250 294 5786 or my cell 250 896 4815 once agin thank you and i hope everybody has a safe journey this year

  7. I just wanted to know if their will be any canoes from the Vancouver Island going this year. Pls, let me know asap. We want to go but we are in a need of paddles.

  8. i love canoe journeys so much it makes me stronger and proude of who i am and what i came here to do i just love canoe journeys!!!! so much lol

  9. Are you stopping in Port Townsend this year?

  10. Hi I made 2 red cedar canoes, can u send me info kit for attending with my canoes, we will most likely leave from north vancouver

    we are Nisga’a first nation

  11. Hey there . I work at a Youth Centre and was wondering if you had a canoe trip were I could bring youth’s on ? or any other places like this … Thanks have a beautiful day 🙂

  12. is this the main journey for the nwest. I Am in Georgia and would like more info if this is like the one hosted last year to canada.

    • Yes, This is the Native Canoe Journey / Tribal Journey which is an annual event in the Pacific Northwest USA and Canada, with a different destination each year. Last year the End-of-Journey events were hosted at Cowichan, B.C.. This year will be hosted at Suquamish, WA. Refer to the “Journeys List” page on this site to view the entire listing of these events from 1989 to 2010. Use the “PADDLE JOURNEYS” link to see some of the history and other info about the journeys.

  13. Who is hosting the 2009 Journey?

  14. Hi Joseph H. We are trying to get ahold of Tina. As soon as we get her updated email and phone info we will let her know of your inquiry and will post updated details to the site.

  15. just seen if I can get in has food vendor

  16. How can we help you “Tiffany”? Please provide a valid email address so you can be contacted with help. (We will NOT publish your personal information out of respect for your privacy!)

  17. I need help please!

  18. would like to help with grounds maintenance work with Fred Lane at LUMMI jouney . can help with anything 360——-
    (Personal info removed after contact with Author of comment. The management.)

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