Cowichan Events Accommodations Info-page Look on the Cowichan Indigenous Games page.  CLICK HERE

There are still limited number of rooms to be found at Victoria and Nanaimo. CLICK HERE and click “HOTELS” and type in VICTORIA, BC, or Nanaimo. Select the appropriate dates, indicate number of people and beds, click on SEARCH and wait for the results appear on the screen. You can transact all the booking right there on the internet page. It is well advised to act quickly while a few rooms still remain available. If you are flying in, you can book and purchase your airline and hotel on the same site.

Participating Canoe Family camping arrangements are handled through the Canoe Registration process per Cowichan Events Coordinator, Dawnda N. All participating canoes should be registered by May 31st.

More information: CLICK HERE.


Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort: Poulsbo, WA – (360) 598-3399    

Economy-Wise Choices check the following:

Poulsbo Inn: 18680 State Highway 305, Poulsbo, WA – (360) 779-3921 ,  or Holiday Inn Express: 19801 7th Ave Ne, Poulsbo, WA – (360) 697-2119  ,  or Christopher’s at the Inn: 26069 Big Valley Rd. NE, Poulsbo, WA – (360) 779-4628  


Accommodations info-page on Cowichan Indigenous Games page. 

8 Responses

  1. 82yr.old from montana needs sr. housing w/ myself 2 help her.THANX!

  2. Wow this is going to be awesome. My grandson is going on his 1st Canoe Journey. I will meet him there. I hear all the hotels and accommodations are full. I guess I will have to rough it and camp with the rest if there are no accommodations available. I can’t wait. I know this experience is going to stay with my grandson for the rest of his life. I am raising him and his sister, more culturally then thier mother as I was really young and I didn’t know better. I know that culture can take our young people far, they will always have it as a foundation if they are raised and immersed in it. I have high hopes for our young people. it is awesome that we can all come together and share what is important, family and living our lives in a culturally appropriate way. See you there please email me if you know of any available accommodation. I have double hip replacements and my mobiity is effected, but I will not miss this. My sister (1st Cousin) is coming with us and on her way from the journey to meet her new grandchild in Milwakee. Life is great. Thank you for hosting this great event.

  3. yeah i was wondering if you guys have any lodging info for this year? like how much is camping going to cost, or any hotels that are going to give good rates for the canoe journey? i’m not a rower but i like attending and watching them come in just to learn another tribe’s culture. see i’m from the colville reservation and sure we have our traditions but i love learning more. so if you could let me know when things come up just title the subject canoe journey so i don’t think it’s spam. thank you and i’m looking forward to hearing from you. have a nice day

  4. oh sorry we are in deming, foothills of mt.baker

  5. holaay you guys are waaaaay up dar….we have some hard pullen to do …

  6. Hello, we are from Shell Beach, east side of vancouver island. Chemainus first nation terriotory, across from ladysmith. We will be departing from shell beach on friday, july 27, for kuper island, which is not a scheduled stop. We’ll camp on the east side of kuper isldand, departing on saturday the 28th for Tsawassenand meet up with the canoe families that are departing from squamish nation .
    There are two other canoe families that want to join us, as todate, Fred George of Cowichan Tribes, and Cathy and Frank Brown, Bella Bella will join us.

  7. Are there any camp site around the celebration area?

  8. do they have this page up and running to register yet

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