US CUSTOMS Port Angeles Office.. Phone # 360-457-4311

Website: Customs and Border Patrol CLICK HERE.


Documents needed for crossing border for Canoe Journey – Any of these will work, according to the US Customs people in Port Angeles Office:

Native card (Tribal Issue) for adult or children.

Passport or Valid Driver’s License or Picture ID are best.

Birth certificate for minors.  



Travel With Minors (anyone under age 18)

For those traveling with minors, if you are the custodial parent you only need the birth certificate or tribal ID card. If you are not the custodial parent (other relative/friend), you must have a signed, notarized statement from the custodial parent giving temporary custody for the designated period away with permission to provide medical treatment. The permission to provide medical treatment is VERY IMPORTANT.

Thank you Linda for providing this information!  



Dried fish… Yes

Jarred fish and jams… Yes

Cedar bark… Yes if it’s in the form of regalia or has been worked with for baskets or other items. (Not if it’s *raw* cedar bark… unwashed or undried.)

Eagle Feathers… Yes if in use by Native individuals, for Native purposes.

(This info is according to US Customs Office in Port Angeles, WA. 06-09-09)



4 Responses

  1. How can my tribe become involved. I am taking the initiative I have grown weary of indecision but mostly inaction. We have a sea going canoe that I helped build. I look forward to your response.
    My mailing address is: Val Gomez,1010 Maqiat Place, Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y-8Y1

  2. Greetings my name is Joey Caro I am the communications manager for the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group on Vancouver Island: We represent the Cowichan, Halalt, Lyackson, Penelakut, Chemainus and Lake Cowichan First Nations. I am wondering if there is someone within your organization that I can talk to about the great work you are doing around border crossing.

    • Greetings Joey: Have been employed by Homeland Security for a number of years and have been utilized in the past by the Canoe Journey to assist with Border Crossing issues. Should you need any further information, I might be of service. I have since retired from DHS but still have many contacts and information, have done out reach and could give a talk if you would like. Cell # 360-961-3103.

  3. hello i have a question. so do i need a passport to cross the border in st. stephens or houlton to go to the us. i’m a native indian from cape breton. or all i need to pass the border is my drivers license and j treaty letter or birth certificate. thanks

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