Journey Basics

    Native Canoe Journeys of the Pacific Northwest / Tribal Journeys

This page serves as an information disbursement for Native Canoe Journeys and related activities and events of the Pacific Northwest, USA. 

Tribal Journey 2008 / Paddle To Cowichan : July 28 – August 1, 2008 

North American Indigenous Games : August 2 – 10, 2008  

Other online info-resources: 
PADDLE JOURNEYS which tells some of the history and protocol about the Native Canoe Journeys in the past15 years or so.
CANOE-INFO which includes info on how to prepare for a Native Canoe Journey.
There are also several message boards and groups that contain news, info, updates and announcements relating to the Native Canoe Journeys of the Pacific Northwest, also known as Tribal Journeys
Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? Info page – CLICK HERE

At-A-Glance Journey 2008 Daily Canoe Locations CLICK HERE.


2 Responses

  1. Be sure to stay tuned to for daily updates on current status and progress of the Journey.

  2. hey watz up my name is kailani squally im from the nisqually tribe and ive been on the journey for about 71/2 years and i never get tire of it its awsome to see and meet new friends from diffrent tribes

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