Canoes in Elwha

Native Canoe Journeys – Tribal Journeys of the Pacific NW is ON!

Canoes arrived Elwha / Port Angeles, WA today, Friday July 16…. heading to Neah Bay, Washington, USA. (see routes & schedules)

About 60 canoes arrived, some by trailer, some by water, landing on Hollywood Beach in Port Angeles. The waters have been rough and dangerous with three canoes tipping over yesterday (Thursday) with one being damaged. As far as we know.. all the people are okay.

Protocol is going on in Elwha Tribal Center gym tonight (Friday) and Saturday.

Canoes will take off from Elwha / Port Angeles on Sunday the 18th – depending on weather and tides… possibly around 6 or 7 am.

Canoe will all arrive at Makah / Neah Bay, WA on July 19th. Entry Ceremonies at Makah Tribe in Neah Bay on July 19, 2010.

See links for canoe schedules, maps and routes.




Makah Tribal Journey FB page CLICK HERE

MAPS on FB page Click Here

Chief Frank Nelson Canoe

Chief Frank Nelson Canoe: Vancouver Island

One Response

  1. all my relations

    Hi canoe Families

    My name is Louie Scow Native name Sumbus
    im from Gwyas’dums nation Guilford Island Part of the Kwakwaka wakw nation

    I was on the Journeys on 2005 on Bella Bella Canoe, that is were i met my wife vicki harry from sliammon nation we got married in 2009 in vancouver bc, after the journey my goal is to work on getting a log for carving a canoe to be with my tribal family, we are foster parents now and are goal is to take foster parents and youth in vancouver area on the journeys good experience to do, my goal is coming true i was talking with a friend an his family owns land on vancouver island and they do selective logging and they are very interested and donating me a log and they said once they find it and drop it i have to get it off the mountain and bring it here to vancouver to carve out this is fast and quick news for me and i am asking for help from my family for getting it here and for any suggestions on getting funds for doing this project thank you canoe family for any suggestions and help

    all my relations

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