Honoring/Memorial for Hum-a-py-nen (Grizzle Bear arriving) Carol A. Kirk, at Lower Elwha and Neah Bay during Tribal Journey 2010 events. 

Carol was a hereditary Princess of the Cayuse tribe, in Oregon. She didn’t believe in flaunting who she was , so she never told anyone she was royalty, she just wanted accepted for who she was.

Carol was born October 22 1949 in Pendleton Oregon to Leo Crawford and Ernestine Burke Crawford. She was of 4/4 Native blood , Cayuse, Palouse , Walla , and Umatilla.
With related ties to Muckleshoot, Nez Perce, Puyallup , Warm Springs, Yakima, Paiute, and Cheyenne tribes. She also have relatives in Canada of the Nez Perce tribe, from the 1877 war.

Carol spent her early life growing up in her Katsa’s home (Mrs. Poker Jim) in Cayuse Oregon and riding horses. She said when they were growing up at her Katsa’s house, that they spoke only Indian in her Katsa’s home. She always said her Grandfathers, her Uncle Bill Burke , her cousin Gary Burke who were and are Chiefs are the important people, not her.

To everyone that knew and loved her, Carol will always be more than just an ordinary person.

She was a home maker and dedicated her time to her ha-ma (husband, Jim Kirk) and her son Wacey Kirk .

Carol enjoyed her travels to celebrations, Pow-wows, Tribal Journey, Shaker church and many birthday celebrations of her family and friends. She attended many dinners and celebrations at Muckleshoot, Umatilla and many other places.

Carol served as the Secretary of the 1910 Indian Shaker church of the Umatilla Indian reservation. She had been a Boy Scout Leader for the Muckleshoot and Umatilla troops and a member of the American Indian Scouting association.

Carol was the ground crew Leader for Ha’y Tilixam canoe family of Mission Oregon on the Umatilla Indian reservation.

She was a Happy Canyon night show Indian pageant at the Pendleton Round up cast member since 1950, entering the show for the first time in her cradle boardCarol camped in the Indian village at the Pendleton Round Up all her life.

Carol was a 1910 Indian Shaker church member for 17 years. She joined the 1910 Indian Shaker church at the Muckleshoot church and was a member there , where her late Grandmother, Lillian (Lillums) Williams was a member.

Prior to 1997 when Carols Mother became ill, Carol was an assistant cook for the Muckleshoot Senior center and worked closely with the Muckleshoot Senior program. After Carol returned home to take care of her mother , who’s health was failing, Carol helped to start the 1910 Indian Shaker church of the Umatilla Indian

Carol and her ha-ma (husband) Jim had traveled with the Muckleshoot canoe family and the last 3 years with Skipper Phil Charles and the Elwha Lightening.

Carol looked forward to this years tribal Journey with much anticipation. 
Carol always looked forward to picking huckleberries with “Uncle Tommie Mcjoe”, we call him “Uncle” Tommie because that’s how I have known him all my life. We would stay with Uncle Tommie when we were at Muckleshoot. Uncle Tommie was always glad to see us, he missed us.

Carol had many dear friends and relatives throughout Indian country in the United States and Canada.

Carol passed away on Saturday May 29, 2010 and is buried at the old agency cemetery in Mission Oregon beside her Mother.  

Carol is survived by her ha-ma (husband) Jim Kirk; son Wacey Kirk; step daughter Jamie Kirk of Muckleshoot and Grand children from Jamie; brother Allen James Crawford, and Robert Crawford; sister Marian Crawford, sister-in-law Marie Crawford, in-law David Wolf, Judy Farrow; nieces Clestine ( Ione) Crawford, Stacey, Lori, and Cecelia Crawford and Billy Dawn Hines; nephews Leo, Robert,
and Joseph Crawford, Aaron Hines, and David Thompson – all of Mission Oregon on the Umatilla Indian reservation. Her Grand nieces and Grand nephews. And her many dear friends. She is preceded in death by her Parents and Grand Parents, her friends Elvina and Liz Moses and many of her other friends.

Jim Kirk
604 Juniper Dr.
Pendleton, Oregon 97801
canoeplrkrk@ yahoo.com

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