At-A-Glance 2008

 Cowichan Tribal Journey 2008


Landing Day

Monday July 28

Cowichan Bay

Mid Afternoon

Singing & Dancing

Tuesday July 29

Siem Lelum field

Full Day

Singing & Dancing

Wednesday July 30

Siem Lelum field

Full Day

Singing & Dancing

Thursday July 31

Siem Lelum field

Full Day

Singing & Dancing

Friday August 1

Siem Lelum field

Full Day

Cowichan Protocol, Sunday August 3rd
Cowichan Canoe Family will perform their protocol & giveaway August 3rd – After the Opening Ceremonies of the North American Indigenous Games


Cowichan Landing Day Info

Excerpts From: “Tribal Journeys 2008 Paddle to Quw’utsun” page at


Tribal Journeys 2008 Paddle to Quw’utsun

Tribal Journeys 2008 is one of the most prominent cultural events associated with the Cowichan 2008 North American Indigenous Games.


Following arrival into Cowichan territory, Canoe Families participate in four days of Protocol at Si’em Le’lum Field, from July 28 to August 1, sharing songs, dances, gifts and food. Public welcome.


Date: CANOE LANDING DAY is Monday, July 28

Place: Cowichan Bay Dock (Westcan Terminal), 5105 Tzouhalem Road, Cowichan Bay

Time: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM Gates open at 2:30 PM


On Landing Day, the Cowichan Spirit Pole will be welcomed home…. At 5:00 PM Chief Lydia Hwitsum & Elders of Cowichan Tribes will officially welcome Tribal Journeys participants.


Keys to Enjoying the Tribal Journeys 2008 Landing


Take Park & Ride Service – Shuttle buses have priority access to Landing Site. There is NO vehicle access to Cowichan Bay Dock (Westcan Terminal) 


• Parking is available at a well-marked field on Cowichan Bay Road just south of the South Cowichan Lawn & Tennis Club. Shuttle service from this parking lot to the landing site starts at 2:30 PM 


• Shuttle service from Duncan starts at 2:00 PM from the Mound Parking Lot at Trunk Rd.Canada Ave., with stops at New Life Church and Clem Clem Long House. 


• Bring a lawn chair; there is NO seating at the Landing Site


• Wear a hat; it will be a hot afternoon and there is no shade at the Landing Site


• Keep hydrated; bring water


• To celebrate the 10,000 Spirit Pole carvers, Cowichan Tribes will serve meals to the first 10,000 guests at the Landing Site


• Be patient. Respect the cultures and traditions of Tribal Journeys


• Celebrate this special moment in Cowichan history


• More info at



Calendar of Daily Canoe Locations CLICK HERE.

ALL CANOES – Start dates/StopoversCLICK HERE.

FOR BORDER CROSSINGS BETWEEN US AND CANADA, remember to have your CURRENT DOCUMENTS: State or Federal Issue Picture ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, and Parental permission forms for minor travelers (under 18 years old).

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? See Info page – CLICK HERE .

View Journey Map (shows all 4 main canoe routes)

Large map CLICK HERE

Printable Map CLICK HERE





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  1. I attended the Tribal Journey 2008 canoe arrival at Nanaimo. It was a very happy time to see youth, adults and elders all celebrating in the spiritual journey of life – each community’s unique culture and special ways was embraced in the mutually respectful manner that our ancestor’s would be proud of. The immense respect, sharing and satisfaction I heard from the participants I spoke with made me feel happy to see our diverse cultures paddling forward together to embrace their spiritual self-determination. Congratulations to everyone who participated and to the organizers of this important event. It is making a positive difference in people’s lives and enriching our communities. Keep up the great work.

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