Final leg of Journey in progress

Last leg of journey in progress. July 31, 2006

Native canoes are through the locks and paddling their way through the ship canal, Lake Union and Lake Washington to the Northshore area of Sand Point – Warren Magnuson Park.

The contingency of canoes from many tribes and nations of Washington, British Columbia, BC and Alaska, crossed from Suquamish this morning, Monday July 31, arriving as planned at Shilshole Bay, Seattle. They went through the Locks in Ballard district, and are making their way to Sand Point. The official landing ceremonies will take place there, with canoes asking permission to come ashore, and deligates from the Muckleshoot Tribe offering welcome.

The paddle through the canal and the lakes will take three or four hours, with expected arrival at Sand Point between 2 and 3 PM. This time may vary depending on the conditions and the experiences along the way.

After the canoe landing ceremonies, everything moves to Muckleshoot Tribe. The canoes will trailer to Muckleshoot and will be parked there. Thousands are expected to attend this historic gathering which will continue to August 5th.

Muckleshoot has been gearing up for this epic event for the past many months. Their fabulous staff has worked out the countless details for a seamless paddle journey followed by the several days events at the Tribal facilities

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Chief Jerry Jack

Tribal Journeys suffers loss in a tragedy on the water, but canoes continue on their Journey 2006, Paddle to Muckleshoot.

Excerpt from Peninsula Daily News:

“Joseph Andrew “Jerry” Jack of Gold River, British Columbia, died when the Makah canoe in which he was paddling capsized, spilling him and five others into the 54-degree water west of the Dungeness Spit north of Sequim.

The canoe, named Hummingbird, was part of the 2006 Inter-Tribal Canoe Journey.

Jack was a hereditary chief of the Mowachaht/Muchalaht tribe in Gold River.”

MORE on the story CLICK HERE …  

Last Leg of Journey Nears

This is in response to the numerous calls and emails asking for update info.  Watch here for any additional updates.

Canoes are gathering in Suquamish, WA for a couple of over-nights to be rested for the last leg (by water) going from Suquamish to Seattle at Shilshole Bay, through the locks, the ship canal, Lakes Union and Washington and up to the Northshore Recreation area of Sand Point – Warren Magnuson Park.

The plan is (the last we heard) is that the canoes will group up in order of protocol before leaving Suquamish, arriving at Shilshole Bay still in that order. Expected arrival at Seattle is between 9 and 10 AM Monday July 31st.

They will go around to the locks and enter as directed by the locks staff. This process will take a period of time, just to get situated in the locks.

Once through the locks, it will be about 3 more hours paddle going through the canal and the lakes before getting the the landing at Northshore Rec. area of Warren Magnuson Park / Sand Point.

In Respect

With regard to the accident on the water on Wed. July 26. In deep respect to the families: Families suffering loss, and all the canoe families, we make this a day of prayer.

The news has already done stories, so we do not need to reiterate. KOMO News reported this: CLICK HERE.

Additional articles were sent to us by numbers of people. Here are some.  

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Nisqually Canoe Blessing


Story of Nisqually Canoe Blessing  

By LouAnn Squally Saturday,

July 22, 2006 6:40:04 AM

Pride means everythingUpon this day many blessings come about. 
To come together with the power of the good mind.  

The Youth and Elders of the Squalli-absch sit on either side of the newly finished cedar strip canoe to pray for a good journey as they travel to Squamish B.C. and then down to Muckleshoot in both canoes.

The healing for the Medicine Creek Nation has begun.

With the help of Robin whose father is Doug Davis – he worked with the youth and spoke to them about respecting our elders.

And when Isadore Tom Jr. (Dobie) spoke that respect was as it should be.

Kelly Moore, Nisqually’s Alcohol Program Director offered gifts for the elders as well as Dobie and the youth handed them out and shook hands – With a little bit of coaxing and instruction from the Creator, myself, and Robin. I am very proud of them and wish to share that thought.

And we ended it all with the Squalli-absch song which was given back to the people by an elder of the house of Slanay who has made his journey on to the spirit world. The Nisqually people are very rich to have received such a gift.

May all your journeys take you where your heart, mind, body and spirit are needed to keep your Nations strong and enrich our youth to become strong leaders in our traditions.

Additional Note: Everyone PLEASE check on your elders before you take off on tribal journeys. (Even though they try to drink lots of water, they can still get dehydration, and may need medical care.)  


AA - Nisqually  DSC00115.JPG   DSC00225.JPG  aa-dsc00366.JPG  

News from Robin Carneen

July 23rd, 2006 at 10:04 pm  

Robin and Ty

Greetings all!!!! 

Right when I went on the air today, Harry Moon called me and told me their canoes are doing fine… I was so relieved to hear from them after hearing about the canoe mishap with the Wa He Lut canoe…and that everyone was saved and ok….so Harry thanks again, good to hear your voice! 

I will extend the offer for others to check in on my show, send greetings and prayers to everyone through the airwaves…I would love to hear from any of you…or even well wishes…. the studio line is (360) 416-7000. 


And I have been sharing past interviews of Tribal canoe journeys on my show over the last few weeks and while my son Tyler and I are on journey with all the other canoe families, my show will be hosted by Jerome Edge (my regular co-host) or automated with more tribal journey interviews and music.  Mostly on my Thursday night show 7 – 8 pm (pacific time) with Sundays being documentaries about various things in & around Indian country.  Skagit Valley KSVR 91.7 FM Community Radio.   

See you all on the water or at the gathering at Muckleshoot, looking forward to it! 

Travel mercy prayers, stay safe, hydrated, wear those hats & life vests(FOR SURE!)…we love you all, let’s avoid any accidents when & where we can..

Coming from a place of love, 

Robin Carneen 

[Editors note: KSVR 91.7 FM  Community Radio, CLICK HERE to view page.   Select “schedule” and look for Sunday NA MA PAHH programming, and for Thursday NA MA PAHH programming.]

 Canoe takeoff from Pt. Townsend 2003 Journey 2005 Welcome party at Swinomish 2001 

Report from KUHB Radio

NEWS from the Journey 

 Report from KUHB, Pribilof Islands Public Radio, St. Paul Island, Alaska

Our first story is posted today.  You can download it from our KUHB website, and feel free to share it with anyone, and everyone.  Especially other radio stations!   

We’re still on Lake Union doing water safety training.  The barge with our other bidarkas should have arrived this morning.  I think that our crew is planning on staying for another day or two before hitting the water.  

We’ll have a new story every day for the next two weeks, so stay with us on our Journey to Muckleshoot.  

Today’s Story covers Water Safety Training in our bidarkas.  Skipper Marc Daniels talks about what we need to know to be safe, Jessica Mata-Rukovishnikoff learns how to get back into a flipped bidarka, and Jacob Merculief challenges his fear of water.  

Josh KrohnKUHB General Manager 

Correction to Shilshole Proceedure

CORRECTION Per information from Walter:

“Canoes will leave Suquamish in order of protocol and will arrive at Shilshole in order of protocol.”

Canoes and support boats will group up by region at Shilshole Bay (near Golden Gardens Park) Seattle, WA, July 31st. By region the canoes and support boats will depart together and paddle around to the left to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks – Ballard Locks. The actual name of the locks is the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard. 

Canoes will evidently stay in order of protocol all the way from Suquamish to Shilshole, through the locks, through the ship canal, through Lake Union and Lake Washington to Sand Point.  

As always, thank you for corrections and updates! We appreciate any help in making current and correct information available to the most people.