Skippers Meeting


Skipper’s Meeting January 29, 2011 at the Fidalgo Bay Resort in Anacortes    

Address: 4701 Fidalgo Bay Road, Anacortes, WA
Times: 12pm Lunch / 1 pm Meeting followed by song and dance
Host: Samish Canoe Family

6 Responses

  1. Hello, from the Sunshine Coast. Co-Salish Territory. We are the Tla’amin people. Thank you to all of the nations for hosting this very rewarding cultural and traditional gathering. The yearly Tribal Journey has brought joy to many Indigenous people traveling the waters of our ancestors. Emote’
    All my Relations,
    Cyndi Pallen (Chennay) Tla’amin First Nation

  2. When is the next Skippers Meeting? Where? Time?

  3. Yaw! Hello, I am from the Nuxalk Nation. I have particapated in Running Journeys. I have done 2 major Journeys from Alaska to Panama the” Peace and Dignity Journeys” I am originaly west coast and would like network and particapate with the Tribal Journeys. I have looked for contacts here on the site but couldnt find any? But I think this is a start! If someone could let me know a contact number for a orginizer of the journeys, that would be great! 🙂 Thank you very much.

    -Crystal Schooner

  4. Is there any information from the skippers meeting held Jan 29, 2011. Also has there been any other meeting set up. thank you

  5. Is there going to meets in Canada, Vancouver Island?

  6. Is there a teleconference number at all? Alaska canoe family would love to participate…

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