Suquamish Tribe Paddle to Suquamish website

Protocol Schedule on Suquamish Tribe website

Volunteers for events hosted by Suquamish Tribe : Tribal Journeys / Paddle to Suquamish

Ravan Spirit Canoe Family

Peninsula Daily News

Ben Native Canoe Events page:

Tribal Journeys of the Pacific NW lens page

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Fourth World Eye

Volunteers for events hosted by Suquamish Tribe : Tribal Journeys / Paddle to Suquamish

Indian Country Today: Award recognizes Coast Salish Tribal Journey partnership

Suquamish Olalla Neighbors

Peninsula Daily News: Younger pullers prove themselves ready for Tribal Canoe Journey

Go Paddle to Suquamish canoers land at Swinomish reservation

Tribal Canoe Journeys on MySpace

Jamestown Canoe Journey Blog  

Blog notes – Kitsap and Beyond / Full story Kitsap and Beyond  

La Conner Chamber of Commerce

Washington State Magick weblog

Greater Kingston Community Chamber of Commerce  

Suquamish Washington Event Guide

Lower Elwha Klallam Library Blog

Lower Elwha Klallam Online Resources: Canoe Journey

Cowlitz Indian Canoe: Cowlitz to Suquamish

Sequim Gazette: Youngest puller set to paddle

Puyallup Tribal News (July 2007) Tribal Journeys pays respect to nature, history

Communities of Color Coalition 08/03-08/08 Tribal Journey 2009: Paddle to Suquamish

Turtle Healing-Culture-Fun for Tribal Journey Paddlers/Pullers

North Kitsap Tribal Journeys will come ashore to Suquamish Aug. 3-8



PADDLE TO COWICHAN official website for Journey 2008 info. 

TRIBAL JOURNEY 2008 Canoe Routes and other info links relating to canoes, tribes and native nations (see below)..

Tribal Journeys 2008 Paddle to Quw’utsun Traditional Territory (Cowichan)  

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? Info page – CLICK HERE




LARGE MAP for Journey 2008 to Cowichan

Printable Map for Journey 2008


HOW TO VOLUNTEER  for 2008 Paddle to Cowichan


10 Rules of the Canoe

PADDLE JOURNEYS page with history of Tribal Journeys and much more  

CANOE-INFO Info and preparation for Native Canoe Journeys

More Journey info: Jeff’s info web pages 

AFSC Pacific NW Indian Program info pages

Tribal pages links:

Chinook Indians – info page  

Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis  – Oakville, WA

Duwamish Tribe – Official website – Seattle, WA

Elwha Klallam – Tse-Whit-Zen Village News – Port Angeles, WA

Elwha Klallam Tribe web page – Port Angeles, WA

Hoh River Tribe info-page  – Hoh River, WA

Indian Health Service –  Listing of Tribes and Native Nations

Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe – Sequim, WA

Lummi Tribe Business Council – Bellingham WA / Paddle to Lummi site / Stommish Days 

Makah Nation Official Website – Neah Bay, WA

Native Nations Good Politics Radio blog page 

Native Nations Good Politics Radio lens

Native Storytelling 

Nooksack Indian Tribe – Deming, WA

NW Native Arts 

Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe  – Kingston, WA

Quileute Tribe – LaPush, WA 

Quinault Tribe – Taholah, WA

Samish Indian Nation – Anacortes, WA

Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe – Darrington, WA

Seattle Indian Health Board 

Snoqualmie Tribe – Snoqualmie Falls and Sacred Lands Project  – Concrete, WA

Squamish Nation – North Vancouver, B.C.

Squaxin Island Tribe – Kamilche, WA

Stillaguamish Tribe – Arlington, WA

Suquamish Tribe – Port Madison Indian Reservation, WA

Suquamish Journey-related schedule for 2008

Swinomish Indian Tribe – LaConner, WA

Upper Skagit Tribe  – Sedro, WA

The Boy Who Lived With Seals – Chinook Legend book  

Chinook History and Dictionary

Turtle Island Native Network Discussion Group

NOTE: If your tribe or info page is not listed here and you want it to be, please contact us through this blog (use “comments” feature) to give us your links. We will be happy to list it here for you.  Any updates… just let us know.

4 Responses

  1. yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy keep paddlin every one keep up the great work please! o ya im Chehalis NAtive man are we all doin good yah!!!!

  2. I am not Native American but I have Maori heritage (Native People of NZ) and I am interested in getting involved with canoe racing. Is canoe racing restricted to Native people only??? I would be interested in volunteering for events too if anyone has any info! I am originally from Australia so this is as close as I am gonna get to my native culture and I always feel a connection when I attend Native events such as Powwow and this Canoe Journey.


  3. Yes, RJ,
    Information for Summer 2007 Canoe Journey will be posted soon. We do know that the Journey is to Lummi this year, but the dates have not yet been announced.
    Thank you for inquiring, and we hope that you will get to participate or view the canoe landings and events.
    Sue Charles

  4. is there a way I can Find out your tribal journeys and when and where they will land.
    I would like to drive up there

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