Register 2008

All canoes participating in Paddle to Cowichan must register. All canoes that have already registered need to send current status / update info to Dawnda. 

1) Participation Registration form: CLICK HERE to download
2) Fax completed form to Dawnda at FAX # (250) 748-3183
3) Stopover Host Form: CLICK HERE to download
Besides Faxing your completed forms, be sure to contact Dawnda for confirmationof your documents were received and your registration accepted


 Paddle to Cowichan 2008 Participants must get your Participation Registration Forms in ASAP. The deadline has past but some canoe families have not yet submitted your info to the host. Your information is needed for adequate planning. Please download the form and FAX it to Dawnda immediately if not sooner. 



Please FAX YOUR COMPLETED FORM to (250) 748 – 3183.  Need more info? Email Dawnda at . Thank you for your help in this. The Indigenous Games happen right after Journey requiring above and beyond the usual scope of planning, so please submit the registration immediately. Thank you for your consideration in this.


To Register for North American Indigenous Games, see the Info-Page  CLICK HERE. 

View Jeff’s Calendar of Canoe Stops for Journey 2008 CLICK HERE .

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  1. Please send me some infomation about this years Journey. Do we have to register like it was said in May. I am from the Homalco reserve in Campbell River. We are planning to paddle to Cowichan,from Campbell River. If you can’t reach me, there is our Cheif Darren can reach him at 250—— or 250——. Thank You very much. Tina (Management notes: the numbers were ommitted for privacy considerations, but proper connection made between inquirer and Dawnda.)

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