Journeys List


Paddle to Seattle, WA ~ 1989

Paddle to Bella Bella, B.C. ~ 1993

Youth Paddle ~ 1994 (Olympia, in connection with the 2nd Cedar Tree Conference)

Full Circle Youth Paddle ~ 1995  (in Puget Sound, Washington State)

Full Circle Youth Paddle ~ 1996  (in Puget Sound, Washington State)

Paddle to LaPush, WA ~ 1997

Paddle to Puyallup, WA ~ 1998

Paddle to Ahousaht, B.C. ~ 1999

Paddle to Songees, B.C. ~ 2000

Paddle to Pendleton, OR ~ 2000

Paddle to Squamish, B.C. ~ 2001

Paddle to Quinault at Taholah, WA ~ 2002

Paddle to Tulalip, WA ~ 2003

Paddle to Chemainus, B.C. ~ 2004

Paddle to Elwha at Port Angeles, WA ~ 2005

Paddle to Muckleshoot at Auburn, WA ~ 2006

Paddle to Lummi, WA ~ 2007

Paddle to Cowichan, B. C. ~ 2008

Paddle to Suquamish, WA ~ 2009

Paddle to Makah at Neah Bay, WA ~ 2010

Paddle to ?? ~ 2011

Paddle to ?? ~ 2012

Want more information? Click Here. You can see the history of the Canoe Journeys events, learn about protocol and what is involved in the canoe journey process.

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? Info page – CLICK HERE 

Link for Paddle to Suquamish website CLICK HERE.

16 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I haven’t been on Journeys since 2003 with my late dad Chief Jerry Jack. I really would like to attend this year. Where can I get more information about dates to expect to leave? Arrival date? Closing Ceremonies? I am planning my holidays and would really love to attend. Please message me when you get time.
    Thank you so much.
    With Respect,
    Bev Jack

  2. This will be my 8th Tribal Journey, if anyone of you are seeking Healing go on this Journey, you will be amazed how much Healing you get out of going on Tribal Jouney they are awsome, and to be out in the water is so healing, and once you get to the final destination you will probably cry, I did on my first journey!!!

    • Hi Carol,

      It sounds so interesting. I would like to join the 2012 Journey but I don’t know who to contact to arrange the trip. when and where etc. Can you please tell me who organises the journey? I am form London, England.


  3. My name is Johnny Johnson jr. In 1994 I skippered the canoe named kvaumua from Rivers Inlet, the wuikinuxv people, along with another skipper Dennis Hanuse, my adopted brother travelled with my father who has since passed on. Would like to know if anyone out there has videos of the tribal journeys 1994, am offering to buy a copy, There is a strong memory of this last journey with my father who was the highest ranking heriditary chief of the wuikinuxv nation- Yaxzi. I greatly appreciate a copy, and am willing to pay. Thank-you

  4. My Son Stefan is taking part in this years Journey, we are all excited and wish we were there to watch. We are in Alaska, he is registered with his girlfriend from the Lummi Tribe! Safe Travels, can’t wait to see pictures!

  5. This years Paddle to Neah Bay will be my very first Paddle Journey. I am 29 years old and i am extremely excited. When I was 13 years of age My home community of Bella Bella ( Heiltsuk Nation) Hosted the QATAWAS Festival and being a part of that was a great experience for me . This time i’m taking a huge personal step by committing to not drink from here on in and after the journey ends. For me this is the beginning of two journeys and I really look forward to meeting alot of new friends and maybe even family.

  6. I love all of the ways of our old people! Having the canoe journey’s makes me feel like we are getting reconnected to our ancestors. For our people have been taken advantage of so much. Many of the Natives face genocide today. This has become a global thing amongst all Natives of the world. It saddens my heart to see how we have lost. The ways that the new world order government wants us to all live. I see as not fair at all. We have our world and they have theirs. Why do they want to destroy what little beautyness we have left upon Mother Earth! These wars that nations are facing around the world. HAS TO COME TO A STOP! PROTECT OUR PLANET! STOP HURTING THE PEOPLE THAT RESIDE UPON HER! GOOD DAY!

  7. paddle to Swinomish ~ 2011
    paddle to Squaxin Island ~2012
    paddle to Quinault ~2013

    • Could you please send me information on the 2011 Tribal Journey.
      Ie: where:

      Thank you
      Cheryl Thomas
      Cultural Coordinator
      Huu ay aht First Nations(Vancouver Island, Canada)

  8. From Lower Elwha 2005 i have gone to every canoe journey. never started to dance with my tribe since 2007 when it was in lummi. man so much fun there! Memories every year! my favorite was lummi of course. super hot there! 2010 Makah land here we come 😀

  9. Hello,
    I would like a list of canoes that were in attandance at the 2009 tribal journys. The youth would like to do an interview with the skippers / owners of the canoes.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Please refer me to any agencies, organization that may benefit our goal.


    • Skipper/Canoe builder of the Siyamin Stamsh Canoe family of the Squamish Nation, North Vancouver B.C. Canada.

      Our 2 canoes from our family were in attendance. started from Ambleside beach, West Vancouver, (Squamish territory)

      Noelle Natraoro, (Ray’s wife)


  11. I still have the Tee shirt from ’94 that the kids signed–I remember your name in amongst them. I had the wood motorsailer “SAGA” and supported the all nations canoe with Rick and Terry, towing it from Port Townsend to Nanoose. I wouldn’t believe how fast 14 years have gone by till I saw the list of all the paddles that have happened since. I no longer have SAGA, but I still have a boat and would love to volunteer again someday.
    Tami and Claudette, Bainbridge Island

  12. In ’94 we went to Victoria…Commonwealth Games. I don’t recall a Full Circle that year.

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