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For Immediate Release: 8-24-08-NAMAPAHH FIRST PEOPLE’S RADIO: Native American Musician Robert Mirabal: AKA Johnny Whitehorse

For Immediate Release: 8-24-08


Host/Producer: Robin Carneen  

Co-Host: Connie Allen


Mount Vernon, WA

NAMAPAHH First People’s Radio is hosted and produced by Robin Carneen; co-hosted by Connie Allen, both enrolled members of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, in La Conner, WA. Broadcasting Native American news, views & music show on KSVR 91.7 FM for close to four years, twice a week & now available Nationally (interested stations contact KSVR).

NAMAPAHH stands for: Native American Multi-media; Activism; Performance/poetry; Art; Health/Humor/History.



Listen Locally: 91.7 FM

Streaming online:

Day/Time: Sunday 8-24-08 at 4-5PM PST

[Musically Speaking Segment]: Rebroadcast w/ guest:

Native American Musician Robert Mirabal: AKA Johnny Whitehorse 

(Original interview (call in) was on 2-28-2008)

Mirabal explains where the lyrics and emotion heard in his deep and profound music is inspired from and in some of the songs, you will also hear him sing in his Tiwa language on some of the featured tracks.  

2008 Grammy Award Winner-Best Native American Album of the Year- Native Americans breaking into main stream music circles :

This program features Robert Mirabal who is a Native American flute player and recording artist from Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. “Mirabal has twice been named Native American Music Awards’ Artist of the Year, and received the Songwriter of the Year award three times. He was featured in Grammy Award-winning album, Sacred Ground-a Tribute to Mother Earth in 2006 for Best Native American Music Album. He has recently also won 2007 “Best Male Artist” of the Year from the NAMMY’s. ” 

He is also the 2008 Grammy Award Winner for Best Native American Album of the Year for Album- Johnny Whitehorse-Totemic Flute Chants.  

Tracks featured from two of his albums:

In the Blood Featured Music: (All Robert Mirabal):  Ee-Yo-Oo/In The Blood; Tsel-mo-ah (Butterfly song)/In The Blood; Brave New World/In The Blood;  Holding Up the Sky/In The Blood; Emergence/Johnny Whitehorse-Totemic Flute Chants; The Dance/In The Blood 


© 2007 Robert Mirabal/Star Road records LLC:

Star Road Records LLC and Emergence/Johnny Whitehorse-Totemic Flute Chants

© 2007 Silver Wave Records, Inc. 

Additional Credits and Funding: Produced by Robin Carneen, engineered by Jay Charles ; Intro/Outro theme music bed: T. Aguilar Goodshield; Production of (National) NAMAPAHH First People’s Radio is made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Western Washington Indian Employment & Training program.  


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