More on Swine Flu Report

MORE regarding the entry below about Pauquachin stopover and swine flu:

THIS JUST IN: The Suquamish Tribe and the Kitsap County Health District (KCHD) are in close contact with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding swine influenza in parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. …  READ MORE, CLICK HERE.

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Pauquachin originally was a stopover posted at the Nanoose meeting on June 6th, however up to 2 weeks ago, BEFORE this health alert, we learned there have been big changes.

Canoes coming down inside pass of VanIsle from Nanaimo down have been heading east to meet up with mainland canoes in Tsawassen or Lummi, safety in numbers! HOWEVER, there are canoes coming outside of island heading to Songhees, where some canoes are starting from so PLEASE make sure, if you can, purchase some health insurance while we’re still in Canada, whenever there is a flu epidemic they post to wash your hands regularly, etc., do the safety measures at all costs to ensure this flu virus doesn’t spread.

ALSO, please keep in mind as of today the second case was a man who’s been taken off of quarentine as poses no threat, he doesn’t have the virus. BUT PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS ANYWAYS


TCJ ’09 Breaking news: HEALTH ALERT! “PAUQUACHIN FIRST NATION has its second case of the SWINE flu confirmed!!!!!!!!!!”
Today at 6:25pm


REPOST by: Robin Carneen

You may be able to see the original posts on my facebook page..

URGENT NEWS- PLEASE RE-POST: Makah Tribal Journey “Hey Good Morning Jeff I am sitting here wondering how to do this? but be blunt and right to the point I guess!!! PAUQUACHIN FIRST NATION has its second case of the SWINE flu confirmed, this is a deadly flu, especially for our elders and infant youth. They were designated to be a stop over for the Eastern Canoes coming down Vancouver Island, but has been stopped.”

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