2009 Directions to Suquamish

 Directions to Tribal Journeys 2009 Paddle to Suquamish Events


   18490 Suquamish Way
Suquamish, WA 98392
(Use online Map search for details)
*There will be sign designated parking for the event.

FROM THE SOUTH (via WA-HWY 305 N.E. /SR 305

1. Take ramp right to SR- 3 North to Poulsbo/Bainbridge Island (0.3 miles)

2. Turn right onto SR-305/WA-305 N.E. (6.3 miles)

3. Turn left onto Suquamish Way N.E. (1.3 miles)

FROM THE WEST (via WA-305 N.E./SR-305)

1. Depart SR-305/WA-305 N.E.)

2. Turn right onto at Suquamish Way N.E. (1.3 miles) * Suquamish Village


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