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General Passport info CLICK HERE   

Keith Wheeler, Supervisory Officer US Dept of Homeland Security                            

Phone: (360) 988-2971 / Fax: (360)988-6300 / Email:




Documents needed for crossing border for Canoe Journey – Any of these will work, according to the US Customs people in Port Angeles Office:  

Native card (Tribal Issue) for adult or children.  

Passport or Valid Driver’s License or Picture ID are best.

Birth certificate for minors.  



IAG – Inter-American Group Inc.

12 hours urgent passports / emergency passports



The Passport Guys at

Rush U.S.A. Passports, 24 hr Passports


Call Today 1-888-345-7277 / 215-739-3844  

In order to maintain security when applying for a U.S. Passport, all passport applicants are required to show up in person at their local passport acceptance agent. These agents are located at Post Offices and County Clerk’s Offices across the country. Search for your acceptance agent here:


Acceptance Agents are found in local Post Offices and Court Houses. (not every
Post Office or Court House is an Acceptance Agent) Most acceptance facilities are
9:00am – 4:00pm. We urge you to call your local Acceptance Agent to verify
their hours of operation. Click Here to search by zip code for the nearest agent.

Do NOT sign the DS-11 until instructed to do so by the Acceptance Agent. You
will sign the application after the Acceptance Agent verifies your identity and
approves your application.

Tell the Acceptance Agent that a courier service will hand carry the materials’
to the Passport Agency. This Department of State policy is called
‘Hand carrying of Executed Documents’. The policy is detailed on
pages 31 and 44 of the Acceptance Agent Manual.

The Acceptance Agent will check your proof of identity, endorse the documents
and seal them in an envelope marked ‘To be opened by authorized passport
officials only’. Do NOT open the envelope after it is sealed.

Some Acceptance Agents will seal one of our Authorization Letters in the envelope.
In this case, you MUST also attach one copy with an original signature to the envelope.

Print your name, birth date, departure and date on the outside of the sealed envelope.

Call us now 215.739.3844
We will review your progress so far.

10.    FedEx Shipping Instructions – Ship to address on top of Order Form   
            Your package must contain the items below

1.      The Sealed Envelope (step 9) 
     Then also include the following, clipped to the sealed envelope.

2.       1 of our Authorization Letters  Signed (step 1)

3.      1 Evidence of Immediate Travel (step 4) (copy OK)

  1. Our Order Form, completed
  2. 1 Check or Money Order (if paying by check or money order) 
                  OnLine Payment is preferred Click Here

Place all of the above in a FedEx envelope and
ship to us at address on top of
Order Form.  

You must choose the FedEx service “Priority Overnight“, next day delivery by 10:30am
(UPS offers a similar service)

Call us. We should know the package is coming.
We need to reserve you a slot and we may have other special instructions.

‘The Passport Guys’



2 Responses

  1. For those traveling with minors, if you are the custodial parent you only need the birth certificate or tribal ID card. If you are not the custodial parent (other relative/friend), you must have a signed, notarized statement from the custodial parent giving temporary custody for the designated period away with permission to provide medical treatment. The permission to provide medical treatment is VERY IMPORTANT.

  2. What documentation are required to enter the USA by sea and what is required for minors that will be travelling with the group to Tribal Journeys 2009. We are looking forward to attending this event. It will be our first journey to the States. Also what type of materials are able to travel across the border – IE cedar bark, dried fish, eagle feathers and jarred fish and jams? Are there certain rules we should be aware of. Thank you for your assistance.

    Lisa Sabbas

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