INTERTRIBAL CANOE JOURNEY MEETING, Dinner and Coastal Gathering, Saturday June 27, 2009

Hosted by Suquamish Tribe

At House of Awakened Culture

7235 Parkway, Suquamish, WA 98392

(Camping is available)

More Info: Tina Jackson, 2009 Tribal Journeys Coordinator




12:30 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Intertribal Canoe Journey Meeting

3:00 PM Shuttle Tour of Parking and Camping site

5:00 PM Dinner followed by Coastal Gathering / Drumming, Singing, Dancing

5 Responses

  1. What is done with the tour group is there is a charge of thousands of dollars per person. It’s a for profit agency with little respect given to intellectual property law.

    • Yes our company is “for profit” most business are. We are given nothing for free, our licenses, insurances, websites, transportation, gas, advertising, foods, gifts for our guess, hotels, resorts, native employees, NOTHING Is FREE.

      Please explain why you expect our company to work for free?

      And explain why and who we are disrespecting?

      It is a shame that there is discontent among our own kind.

  2. I cannot find your website…?Native american

    • Our website is under construction and will be back up soon.

      We made the mistake of naming one of our itineraries “Canoe Journey” Out of that seven day tour, we are at the Canoe Journey for only ONE day.. the last day of the Journey. The other days are spent up on the west end of the Peninsula experiencing a culture tour.

      Native American Footprints mission is education, economic development and enjoyment.

      We employ tribal members and invite Native artist, storytellers, weavers, carvers, painters, culinary artist. We utilize native business, resorts, stores, restaurants, museums. We visit with the elders and donate according. NAF wants the native people to tell their story, it is not NAF place to tell your story.

      Our guest follow our itinerary, they do not venture out on their own so there is no chance of them walking onto restricted land. Our guest are educated on proper protocol before entering Indian Country.

      WE have named our tour company Native American Footprints because we tract our guest footsteps from their origin to the time they step into Native Land and walk in the footprints of the Native People before them.

      Each guest will gift the tribe and Mother Earth by planting a cedar tree.
      We leave no trace, we leave with only memories of the connections we have made.

  3. I appreciate you posting up coming events.

    My Tour Company is looking forward to 2009 Canoe Journey.
    We have a group traveling all the way from England for this event.

    Our thoughts ride the wind… Linda

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