2009 Journey Protocol



  • BEFORE 12 Noon, All canoes will gather at soft landing – Doe-kag-wats Beach (Jeff Head) for instructions on Official landing in Suquamish.

  • Canoe Families may load canoes onto trailers next day and thru the week before 10 AM.


  • Food, water and comfort stations provided at soft landing. Skippers are in charge of own crew care.  


  • At 1 PM Canoes will enter official landing, rafted up in groups as defined by routes traveled.


  • Each canoe will give a BRIEF intro.


  • Only after every canoe completes protocol will canoes come ashore.


  • Volunteers from Naval base will help carry canoes up.


  • Only Support Boats will tie to Suquamish Dock. No canoe. Larger canoes can pull over to Old Man House Park.


  • Canoes will sit in front of the sGeDadad qwA ?altx House of Awakened Culture in Downtown Suquamish.


One Response

  1. Would be awesome to see pictures posted….let me know if you post some…

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