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2009 Suquamish Volunteer Info CLICK HERE.


Canoe takeoff from Pt. Townsend 2003


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  1. I am the member of the Kwakiutl 1st Nations and I do storytelling and stencil work with children s of all ages.You can access my website at http://sky-lite-stencils.bravepages.com and my resume is also at http://sky-lite-stencils.bravepages.com/resume.html My resume indicates the places where I’ve have being and done.Thank you for your time.
    Those stencils are to be trace/copy/color when I have given it to them. They take it home to treasure for how they colored it.Like a gift.

  2. I’m afraid I posted my request on the wrong page. However, I need a way to plug in my CPAP Machine for my sleep apnea. I have a tent or an indoor arrangement, if possible, would work.


  4. I would like to volunteer when the place of the last visit will be. The finishing touch and all. Where people gather and give thanks and make speeches and all.
    I would like to have table to set up for the people can come and trace out my stencils.
    I have done this in the past and shared my stencils with students of all ages in schools and festivals and main events.
    You can go see my resume on my website through google.ca[sky-lite-stencils]Native art.
    http://sky-lite-stencils.bravepages.com/resume.html my website resume. Thank you for your time and patience’s.

    Buster Wilson

  5. I would also like to help, please let me know.

  6. i sure will like to help this year

  7. Hi

    I am a canoeist and live in Wales I found your site by accident via platial.com. For recording, sharing and displaying your journeys you should check out sanoodi’s site. It even takes live feeds from GPS units and mobiles… I have put routes up straight away onto my blog too

    Sorry to intrude and i would love to volunteer but i am on the wrong side of the planet!!

    All the best and good luck from Wales.

    Paul Sandham

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