Swinomish 2011

SWINOMISH hosts 2011 Tribal Journey.

Canoe Meetings, Canoe Schedules, Landing date, and Host communities will be posted here as soon as they become available.

Journey Hosts and Skippers, and Journey Meeting hosts, please send us your information so it can be posted.

Thousands of people come here to find general and detailed info about Tribal Journeys, so please help us make the info available.

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  1. I am the support boat skipper for Native B.R.I.D.G.E. Canoe Family. They will depart from Alki to Suquamish on the morning for July 21st. Any canoe family on that same leg (Squaxin Island, Puyallup, Nisqually, Muckleshoot or other?) with a support boat…..can you look after the Native Bridge Canoe on that day? I cannot join them until they leave Suquamish on the 23rd. Any help would be appreciated and I will do what I can to return the favor! 360-319-4372

  2. Leaping Wolf, Ahousaht, BC leaving Jul14 onto Esowitsa, Ucluelet, Pacheena Bay, Nit Naht, Port Renfrew, Beacher Bay, Esquimalt, Elwa, Port Townsend, and landing Swinomish Jul 25.

  3. I forgot to leave my contact information for Ha’y Tilixam canoe family
    My name is Jim Kirk , the leader of Ha’y Tilixam canoe family
    We can be reached at 541-379-0044 / haytilixam@yahoo.com / or keekyeil@yahoo.com

  4. Currently Ha’y Tilixam canoe family has been desamated , most of our members have lost close family members last year and this year .
    We took last year off because we lost our leader Carol Kirk and are returning with only 2 pullers and 1 ground person .
    And Skipper we traveled with in the canoe is off on an injury.
    So were seeking another canoe family to travel with.
    We live on the Umatilla Indian reservation in Mission Oregon east of Pendleton.

  5. Have the dates been decided on the 2011 Tribal Canoe Journey this year?
    Or have I missed it.

    Thank you,


  6. Can’t wait to be traveling with all the Brother’s and Sister’s for this year on Tribal Jouney 2011.

  7. see you guys there.

  8. to whom it may concern,i have a 36 feet supportboat avaliable for your upcomming events,location Ladysmith harbour,if you are intrested please e mail or call pieter at 250 618 3052 for more info

  9. routes map??

  10. I’d like to inquire information regarding accomodations for elders.

  11. Wondering if you have the Canoe routes available?

  12. I would love to receive updates on this page or at my email address laura.johnston@nic.bc.ca.

  13. Aloha! How would i get information on joining a paddle club.

  14. Aloha! i would love to get information on how i can join a paddling club!

  15. what day wold we start if we r in neah bay WA.

  16. Is there a schedule yet of all the stops and tenative dates??

  17. Hello, everyone,
    would like the dates of the canoe journey for this year. I was a visitor to your tribal canoe journey at Neah Bay this past summer 2010. I must say that I was really uplifted, and felt a spiritual blessing from being there. I am a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation in Kansas, and seeing a different type of ceremony was quite an honor for me to see. Thank you.

  18. Yaw! Hello, Im Crystal Schooner From the Nuxalk Nation. I have been on “Running” Journeys before. 2 major runs, called the Peace and Dignity Journeys. Its a 6 month run from Alaska to Panama. I would like to be more involved with Canoe Journeys, because I am origanly West Coast and have the FIRST Canoe Journey during the Peace and Dignity Run.

    Here is a bit of info that explains the run. (info from the website)

    Peace and Dignity Journeys are spiritual runs that embody the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor. This prophecy mandates that at this time all Indigenous Peoples in the Western Hemisphere shall be reunited in a spiritual way in order to heal our nations so we can begin to work towards a better future for our children and generations to come. Through the Journeys, participant runners and supporters work to accomplish this goal by helping each other reconnect to their respective spiritual practices and traditions; by helping each other relearn our role in the world as Indigenous Peoples; and by reminding each other of our responsibilities to Mother Earth, Father Sky, our communities, and ourselves.

    Peace and Dignity Journeys occur every four years and start with Indigenous runners on opposite ends of the continents (Chickaloon, Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina). They run for six months through hundreds of Indigenous communities where they participate in their respective spiritual practices and traditions; spark dialogue on the issue of peace and dignity for Indigenous Peoples; model their responsibility to Mother Earth, Father Sky, communities, and themselves; and receive the community’s prayers. These prayers and conversations are then carried to proceeding communities until the runners reach the center of the hemisphere. When the runners meet at the Kuna Nation in Panama City, Panama, it will symbolize all Indigenous Peoples joining together in a spiritual way to manifest the prophecy of the Eagle
    and Condor.

    Every run they have a dedicated theme.
    1992 – Elders
    1996 – Children
    2000 – Family
    2004 – Woman
    2008 – Sacred Sites
    2012 – Dedicated to the Water!

    The Peace and Dignity Journeys has always been land based. Its never had Canoe Journeys Involvment before. With the Journeys being dedicated to the Water, it makes perfect sense to have a Canoe Journey the same time as the Run. Us as Coastal People have many issues concerning our water, natural food resources because of Logging, Oil drills etc….

    I have never orginized a Canoe Journey before but would like to get as many people involved as possible.

    I am looking for contacts, info, networking etc…

    Im also open to any advice, suggestions, ideas you may have. Feel free to contact me by email.


    -Crystal Schooner, Nuxalk Nation.

  19. I am the coordinator for paddle to swinomish 2011. I haveinformation to add to this site please let me know what is the best way to get this information out.

    • You can send the info as comment to this page, or to my email address: suetv123@yahoo.com.
      We are more than happy to post info, announcements, updates, news, etc. A lot of people come here as a central location for Journey info. You should also check here (in the comments) where many people post their questions about Journey, and offer various types of helps and services. [There is also a way we can add you as a contirbutor so you could add your info directly, without having to go thru comments. Let me know your preference and we can do a phone call and get it set up for you.

      • I don’t always have access to a computer. A phone call to me would work best. I have left 2 messages prior to this. I’m very interested in volunteering as I did last year and the year before. I enjoy doing Elder Hospitality and working with children. My issue is I have sleep apnea and need to be able to plug in my CPAP Machine. I have a tent or would be willing to stay indoors if possible. Please call me at (206)325-8062. Thank you, Looking forward to a wonderful Journey.

    • Hello, I am the hosting coordinator for P.G.S.T. How many canoe families and people total are you planning for this year?

  20. just wondering what the dates are for the Journey this year…2011…


  21. man it is going to be a good one this year everyone is coming to my home town see all of you there

  22. I would like more information on the up coming ITC
    meetings. (Location, time, etc.) I will be sharing this info with the Cowlitz Canoe Family and attending these meetings.
    Tahnk You

  23. I would like to offer my services as a flagging instructor for any special event or for employment for your tribal members. I have certified flaggers for the Canoe Journey and for TANF. Some of the tribes have special events and need employment for their tribal members. I would like to know if you will need my services. I have very good rates and willing to travel to your location. Please contact me either by phone at 360-458- 3984 or email. I welcome your questions and interest. Thank you,
    Andrea Pollard, Flagging Instructor, Certification #00081

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