Tsimshian 2011 Events

The Tsimshian Cultural Celebration set for Summer 2011 was originally considered for Sept. 2007. However, the time frame needed in order to incorporate the desired cultural and traditional elements vital to the project required advancment of the event dates. The exact dates are yet to be announced. Updates will be posted on this site.


Elements of the event include a canoe journey from Metlakatla, Alaska to the Tlingit Village of Saxman, Alaska, to Port Simpson, Metlakatla and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. A celebration in Prince Rupert will include special presentations by Tsimshian Dancers, Speeches from Chiefs, Name Giving Feast, Totem Pole Raising to commemorate Tsimshian presence, and honoring our entire Tsimshian Nation and our history.


Long range goals are to establish a Tsimshian Heritage Cultural Center located within Prince Rupert, B.C. area, and identifying and re-tracing ancestral trade routes and other sea routes and voyages of the Tsimshian people.


Canoes will be made in Anacortes, WA by master carver/canoe builder Eli Milton. The canoes are made in the traditional ways and will be gifted to Hereditary Chiefs, with an additional canoe gifted to the Smithsonian Institute.

Because of the high interest in the project, Eli plans to have canoe building classes. This process will support development of skills in the art of canoe building, as well as teachings about the culture, history and traditions.

Using the traditional practice of trading and bartering for wood supplies, Eli prepares to initiate the classes as soon as possible. For more info, stay tuned here, or you may CONTACT ELI by email. CLICK HERE for email template.  

The year prior to the 2011 Tsimshian Cultural Event, Vancouver, B.C. will host the 2010 Winter Olympics, February 12 – March 21.   

As part of the official Winter Olympics welcome, First Nations and Tribes will participate in traditional canoe greetings of the visitors. 

Many opportunities for Aboriginal participation  and Cultural involvement will be built-in to the fabric of the 2010 Winter Olympics. More Info… CLICK HERE.

Submitted by Terrance H. Booth, Sr. 



Check back here for updates on the 2011 Tsimshian Cultural Celebration and related news and events.

For more on the history and purpose of the Tsimshian Cultural Event, refer to the original article for the 2007 event CLICK HERE.

Winter Olympics 2010 Aboriginal and First Nations FAQ’s CLICK HERE. 

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  1. Hi Ramie… USAF/OFFUT AFB … So much time has passed…Our last correspondence was October 1968..

    Good to see you are still out there..

    Friends for Life..


  2. Canoe journey on hold others involved are training Tsimshian Villages on the making of the Canoes. Plus, we await full funding to make all of the Canoes.

  3. I am trying start a society for our Homalco First Nation and am having trouble getting a hold of bylaws to overview. I am not a laywer and at this point we cant afford one! Our band is not much help in this area. Anyone able to help please email me at tiffanywilson15@gmail.com or have any helpful hints where to find or ask for info. Thank you, Tiffany Wilson

  4. I would like to know of any scheduled events regarding the Tsimshian. I have a great great grandmother who who was born at Skeena River area.

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