Paddle to Lummi 2007

TRIBAL JOURNEY 2007 ~ PADDLE to LUMMI. Canoes are invited to participate in the Native Canoe Journey to Lummi, Washington, USA.

Lummi Tribe will host Canoe Journey ~ July 30th – August 4th, 2007 

MORE INFO:  Visit PADDLE TO LUMMI Official Website or TRIBAL JOURNEYS weblog or TRIBAL JOURNEYS lens page.

Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Use with permission. 

Above photo shows Native Canoes gathering to go through the Ballard Locks, nearing the end of Paddle to Muckleshoot 2006 Tribal Journey. Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Photo used with permission.

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  1. hey whatz up every on well my name is kailani as you might know many people on the journey know me as lani or shorty lol but yea this years journey was so awsome just being there with so many people it was amazing the experience just being there was the awsome part so many canoes and natives in one place lol man paddle to chowichan was great cant wait to go back the hospitality was great we were welcomed with open arms everything was great you really missed out if you didnt make it azzz jk lol well later signing out lol

  2. hi
    everyone im kailani squally im 19 and im from the nisqually tribe many might know my tribe but yea this years journey is ganna be great just like last years and the year before ive been on the canoe journey for 71/2 this year will be my 8th im so glad that we have the canoe journey so that we can keep our culture alive and strong i just luv seeing all the tribes together just jameing out to all eachothers songes up all night singing and dancing then getting up the morning go paddle another day thats what the journeys about and that what makes it fun to on because you have all your friends and family there with you to share the excperince to tell people who didnt go what they missed so thats it

  3. Hi,

    One day I will be able to attend a canoe journey. My first experience with this was in 2003, when they passed through Port Angeles to Tulalip, talk about exciting , just to be in the crowd. Here is an article about a journey we did up here in Alaska to try to prepare to attend an upcoming international canoe society gathering. scroll down to page 9. Although I no longer live in Klawock, I am still working on getting a team, hopefully there will be enough interest in my home community of Metlakatla, right now we are forming a family group here to start preparing to get more involved I will stay in touch with that.

    For now Sa aam dza waan (wishing you well , Tsimshian language Smalgyax)

    Paddles up! Mary Teri

  4. this journey was awesome and thanks for the invite

  5. We were very proud to be able to be part of hosting the Paddlers and thier ground crews here at #2 Reserve at T’Sou-ke Nation. We will be missing them untill they return next year, everyone should be proud of each and everyone of these participating Nations, they have all worked so hard!

  6. i have been on 4 journeys ,my last one was up to vancouver island from the skok rez,yes i am excited!

  7. ‘whya wa’ ‘whya-wa’ {tsimpshian} For let’s go!! gosh i can hardly wait
    i have so enjoyed my culture and the past canoe journeys!!
    it’s great to be native!!

  8. Wyi’ (hello)
    I live on the eastern side of Washington State and have never witnessed this event. This year, for the very first time, I will be able to attend. I’m thrilled and counting the days. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this event. Look forward to seeing some of my friends I’ve met through my line of work with the Colville Tribe who live on our western coast.
    Lem Lem (thank you)

  9. I’m really proud to stand and acknowledge to all those involved in awareness and asking for support for familys who have to deal with Cancer-[breast- lung -throat-pros.] it is really inportant –I lost my grand father and my dad to cancer-So I support you all in anyway I can -Threw Pray -hoping everything works out for everyone —thank you -thank you-thank you-thank you–Harry Moon Family

  10. This paddle is going to be my 5th year being involved in the Canoe Journey; it’s going to be an exciting one. The first year I participated I helped to look after 14 14 year olds. Wow! While on summer Break between my bachelor’s degree program and my Masters Degree program, I worked for my tribe w/ our youth. My boss asks me if I’d supervise youth on this cultural journey. I agreed to go on a 3 week camping trip; basically sleeping on a beach on a different rez every night. It was amazing, and I have been involved each year thereafter. This year I will be paddling from Campbell River to Lummi and I will have youth w/ me as well – It’s cool being a mental health counselor working for my tribe, for many reasons, but among them: I am able to incorporate a cultural means to the therapy that I provide our tribal youth. That’s the short version of my story. The people I met were amazing that year and I still maintain regular contact w/ some. I only get to visit w/ once a year… when were on the journey. The people are beautiful and the songs are gorgeous, and feeling is indescribable. Until you’ve experienced the journey in its entirety: it is very hard to even begin to describe!

  11. I paddled to Muckleshoot last year and this year, I have the honour of travelling with Hereditary Chief Dorey Brotchie and his family. This journey is very special to our canoe family because, many of us have been part of making the canoe we will be on and when we arrive in Lummi, Dorey & Betty will be gifting it to the Lummi family that their daughter Gloria will be marrying into – wedding to take place the day after we land in Lummi.

  12. holaay…..i can’t wait……the paddle will be so fun………..

  13. I am a Native American journalist covering this year’s Paddle to Lummi, to appear in nationally distributed Native publications.

    If you’ve paddled and even if you haven’t, and plan to paddle this year, I’d like to hear your stories and possibly add your powerful singular and collective voices to my articles. Your journeys are an inspiration for keeping the traditional ways of all of the People. Comments left with names may be published. Journey safe in the spirit of the great canoe nations.

    Wado (Thank you in Tsalagi),

    Terri Hansen

  14. I am ready!!! Looken foward to this year

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