Tent Protocol

Please see the Tent Protocol page for listing and order of Canoe Family presentations during the week.

Today we are on Day 3, July 22. CLICK HERE to view Tent Protocol listings. (Schedules are subject to change.)

Water Safety

WATER SAFETY TRAINING – May 28-29, 2010!

The Makah Canoe Society is inviting everyone to Water safety training in Neah Bay, WA, USA.

Friday, May 28: Dinner at the Neah Bay Community Hall.

Saturday, May 29 at 9 AM: Light breakfast at the hall.

Training with the EMTs starts directly after breakfast.

Around 12 Noon: Tip over training in the canoes at the beach.

About 3 PM return for walk thru with Tribal Journeys Committee of campgrounds etc.

Dinner served at 5 PM

Water safety training is a MUST for all canoe journey participants.