Paddles Up!

“Paddles Up” is the call heard from an estimated 30 to 40 Native Canoes currently “on the water”. These impressive ocean-going canoes, with from 8 to 20 pullers in each, originate from points North, South, West and Northwest, heading for the next village-stops which in succession will add more canoes along each of several routes leading to Cowichan Tribes Territory, B.C. and the big end of Journey events, starting July 28 and concluding August 1st. Also called Paddle to Quw’utsun 2008, these events will be followed by the 2008 North American Indigenous Games, also hosted by Cowichan, which goes August 2 to 10.

CLICK HERE to view the At-A-Glance Calendar of daily canoe stops.  For details of All canoes and their individual routes, and their stops, CLICK HERE


CANOE-INFO has info including how to participate, and first-timers tips. A brief history of the canoe resergence in 1989 and journeys of Native Canoe Journeys of the Pacific NW  since then, protocol insights and much more CLICK HERE.

Please remember to keep good thoughts and prayers going up for the health and safety of all the canoes and support boats, pullers and skippers, ground crews and ground transportaion, coordinators, hosting villages and tribes, and all involved in this year’s Journey!