Take Action Against Meth

Take Action against Meth in your Community

Far beyond the harm it inflicts on users, meth affects whole communities: family members, children, law enforcement officers and first responders, homeowners, social services and healthcare professionals, utility and sanitation workers, real estate professionals and business owners. As a concerned citizen, you can help fight this devastating drug.  Here are ways you can help your community take action.  

Educate Yourself

The Partnership’s meth website www.drugfree.org/meth  can help you learn the facts about meth. The site is updated frequently with new stories, information and resources.  

Spread the Word  

  • Once you’ve learned the facts about the dangers of meth, talk about them with your friends, neighbors, coworkers and most importantly your children.

  • Put up educational posters in stores in your area and where you work.

  • Write letters to your local newspaper and television stations to encourage them to cover meth-related news stories or share your personal experience with them.

  • Email relevant news articles to your friends to make them more aware of the dangers of this drug.

 Be Alert  

  • Look for signs of meth use, production and dealing throughout your neighborhood.

  • Report suspicious activity to the police.

  • If you’re moving into a new home, ask your real estate broker about meth activity in the area.

  • Share these fact sheets with local area schools to assist teachers and administrators in spotting the signs of meth use and the signals that a child may be living in a home where meth is used.

 Take Action  

  • Go to www.drugfree.org  and subscribe to our eNewsletter.

  • Talk to your kid about the dangers of meth.

  • Speak out in schools, places of worship or any public community forum and educate others about the dangers of meth.

  • Encourage family and friends struggling with meth use to get help. Learn how at www.drugfree.org/intervention .

  • Volunteer at a local treatment center, hospital or burn center, or offer your time to social workers helping at-risk youth and children whose parents suffer from addiction.

  • Advocate for an in-school meth education program at PTA meetings and teacher conferences.

  • Work with the local police to set up a Block Watch program in your neighborhood.

  • Join a meth education, support or activist group.

  • Enlist the help of groups in your community: newspapers and TV stations, faith-based organizations, neighborhood watch programs, local businesses, colleges and universities, real estate and public housing agencies, secondary schools and parents’ organizations.


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5 Responses

  1. There are many options for parents who have a child involved with teen substance abuse. Either enrolment into a specialty boarding school, residential treatment center or a short-term drug detox hospital followed by the aforementioned options.

    Fortunately there is still a great deal of hope if parents are able to get the troubled teen the appropriate intervention. This will require a strong determination for the parent of a troubled teen not to waiver under the teens desires or promises to quit his or her drug and/or alcohol use. It may be prudent to seek out information about helping your troubled teen get the professional help they need for their drug and or alcohol abuse.

  2. I just wanted to say happy holidays! and please visit my site http://www.noxcusesnone.com .

  3. Yes, we are proud to announce your work for prevention and awareness of meth and other substances which are destroyers of our youth. As we work together for healthy and strong communities the Creator will bring the good results. Keep up the good work Lynn! And we will stay connected through Tribal Journeys weblog and visiting your site.

  4. I wish to take this moment to say thank you very much. If you ever need me for any thing just email me at: noxcusesnone@hotmail.com. On behalf of the Sioux Nation in South Dakota we say Pidamiye! or Thank you! for fighting METH. Please let all organizations in your area know my posters are available noxcusesnone.com .

  5. Anti meth posters for indian country. See them at http://noxcusesnone.com/.

    Moderators Note: These posters are in good taste and carry the message well. See update in text of blog. Thank you Lynn!

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