Mon. Jul. 19

Journey Update, Monday July 19 at 3 pm.

Canoes are preparing for soft landing. Skippers meeting in session.

Due to a death in the tribal community protocol may vary from that which is posted, but will proceed as much as possible according to plans.

Will post updates as they come in.

[Thanks to Elaine, Phil, Nano and others for update info!]


Tribal Journey to Makah 2010 Update.

Canoes trailered to Pillar Point, Clallam Bay and some to Snow Creek and will paddle to Neah Bay from those points, for a soft landing around 2 pm. Official landing ceremonies after that… maybe around 5 pm.  

Vehicle traffic is very limited in Neah Bay, so be aware of this. There will be thousands of visiters who will be there for the events.


Canoes delayed on take-off from Elwha / Port Angeles (Hollywood Beach).

Rough and dangerous waters deterred departure from Hollywood Beach, Port Angeles, WA from their Elwha stopover. (Some canoes may have gone on the water against advisories, but most either turned back, or did not leave the beach.)

Canoes will most likely trailer tomorrow, to Piller Point, their next designated stop.

More updates as they come in.

(Info per Lower Elwha Skipper, Phil Charles, Jr. at 7am.)

Canoes in Elwha

Native Canoe Journeys – Tribal Journeys of the Pacific NW is ON!

Canoes arrived Elwha / Port Angeles, WA today, Friday July 16…. heading to Neah Bay, Washington, USA. (see routes & schedules)

About 60 canoes arrived, some by trailer, some by water, landing on Hollywood Beach in Port Angeles. The waters have been rough and dangerous with three canoes tipping over yesterday (Thursday) with one being damaged. As far as we know.. all the people are okay.

Protocol is going on in Elwha Tribal Center gym tonight (Friday) and Saturday.

Canoes will take off from Elwha / Port Angeles on Sunday the 18th – depending on weather and tides… possibly around 6 or 7 am.

Canoe will all arrive at Makah / Neah Bay, WA on July 19th. Entry Ceremonies at Makah Tribe in Neah Bay on July 19, 2010.

See links for canoe schedules, maps and routes.




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Chief Frank Nelson Canoe

Chief Frank Nelson Canoe: Vancouver Island

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Child watches canoe landing at Port Angeles 2005

Child watches canoe landing at Port Angeles 2005

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Canoe Progress 7-26-08

South Sound Route canoes (starting July 14), Westcoast Vancouver Island Route (starting Sunday July 13) and West Coast Washington State Canoes (starting July 17) joined together at Songhees.  The combined groups – about 30 canoes – left from Songhees to Tsawout (East Saanich) this morning – July 26.  Next stop – Tsartlip (West Saanich) on Sunday, July 27.

Northern Route Canoes (starting July 7) and Salish Sea Route (starting July 15) traveling East Coast Vancouver Island arrive at Nanaimo today – July 26.

Re: the Question about “Kulleet Bay Landing”

The Northern Canoes and Salish Sea Route canoes will be landing at SHELL BEACH on Sunday July 27th. Prior to this, the Northern Canoes will be met by Journey Coordinators and given full details. 

Info from Dawnda – 7-26-08 1:35 PM

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