Paddles Up!

“Paddles Up” is the call heard from an estimated 30 to 40 Native Canoes currently “on the water”. These impressive ocean-going canoes, with from 8 to 20 pullers in each, originate from points North, South, West and Northwest, heading for the next village-stops which in succession will add more canoes along each of several routes leading to Cowichan Tribes Territory, B.C. and the big end of Journey events, starting July 28 and concluding August 1st. Also called Paddle to Quw’utsun 2008, these events will be followed by the 2008 North American Indigenous Games, also hosted by Cowichan, which goes August 2 to 10.

CLICK HERE to view the At-A-Glance Calendar of daily canoe stops.  For details of All canoes and their individual routes, and their stops, CLICK HERE


CANOE-INFO has info including how to participate, and first-timers tips. A brief history of the canoe resergence in 1989 and journeys of Native Canoe Journeys of the Pacific NW  since then, protocol insights and much more CLICK HERE.

Please remember to keep good thoughts and prayers going up for the health and safety of all the canoes and support boats, pullers and skippers, ground crews and ground transportaion, coordinators, hosting villages and tribes, and all involved in this year’s Journey!

Directions 4 Cowican Meeting June 28, 2008

Per Dawnda: Those attending June 28th Meeting at Cowichan will meet at 11:30 AM at the Indigenous Games headquarters located at: Suite #528, 15-180 Central Road, Duncan, BC V9L 4X3 and then will be escorted to the Somena Bighouse. Got questions? Call Dawnda at 250-746-2008.  

Address to use for Online Map search for Cowichan Meeting at the Somena Bighouse:

5760 Allenby Road, Duncan, BC V9L 5J1

OR, some online map search services prefer: 

5760 Allenby Road, North Cowichan, BC V9L 5J1

Map Quest Directions and Maps and Ferry Crossing Information CLICK HERE


State or Federal Issue Picture ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, and Parental permission forms for minor travelers (under 18 years old).

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? See Info Page – CLICK HERE





Canoes Registration Forms


Paddle to Cowichan 2008 Participants must get your Participation Registration Forms in ASAP. The deadline has past but some canoe families have not yet submitted your info to the host. Your information is needed for adequate planning. Please download the form and FAX it to Dawnda immediately.  


Please FAX YOUR COMPLETED FORM to (250) 748 – 3183.  Need more info? Email Dawnda at . Thank you for your help in this. Because the Indigenous Games happen right after Journey, we have above and beyond our usual scope of planning, so please submit the registration immediately. We thank you for your consideration in this.



Canoe Safety Equipment Application c 2008


OR: Visit AFSC’s Inter-Tribal Canoe Journey Community Room at . Scroll down to: “Community Documents” and click on: “Safety Equipment Application c 2008”. Either Open and print or Save the document to your computer.

You may complete the form online and email to Jeff at or Print Application and FAX your completed form to Jeff at 206-632-0976.  

To Register for North American Indigenous Games

North American Indigenous Games Participants Registration Info-page CLICK HERE.  

Calendar of Daily Canoe Locations CLICK HERE.

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? See Info Page – CLICK HERE




LOCATION: Fidalgo Bay Resort ( )

SCHEDULE: Lunch noon, Class 1 to 4 pm, Canoe rollover 4 to 5 pm


OTHER: Camping is available.  Please RSVP to help with meal planning.  

Auxiliary Coast Guard is invited, as they are supporting the canoe travels through the Straits.

The bay gets warm after low tide, and the conditions on the 21st are perfect for a “luke warm water training” 🙂





Island’s Top Songstress ~ “A Hawaiian Christmas” ~ Town Hall Seattle

Amy Hanaiali’i Hawaiian Christmas Concert, Dec 5, 2007. Curtain at 7:30 PM. Town Hall 1119 -8th Avenue (Seneca) Downtown – Seattle, WA 98101

    Plumeria blossoms       Amy Hanaiali’i Hawaiian Christmas Concert       Plumeria blossoms 

Amy is three-time Grammy Award nominee who is known for her stunning performance with “polish, poise and purpose”. 

Amy has just returned from triumphant appearances in New York City and Yokohama, Japan. 

Online Ticket Reservations and Information:  

Sunbeams over the Waikiki Beach   dsc08081.jpg  Hawaiian Beach Scene

Native Youth On Tour With Maori Group

Not sure how many knew that three youth from one of our Canoe Families is touring with a Maori group from New Zealand. The group is Dramatic Influence New Zealand.

Yep… it’s true!

Three teens from Muckleshoot Tribe went to New Zealand, lived there for six months, trained, learned the songs, language, and dance of the Maori to come back and travel the U.S. and Canada, presenting their program in schools and tribal communities for the next six months.

 Dramatic Influence New Zealand at Nisqually Tribe, Nov. 2007   Dramatic Influence New Zealand at Nisqually Tribe, Nov. 2007    Dramatic Influence New Zealand at Nisqually Tribe Nov. 2007

We saw this group of 15 youth perform at Lower Elwha Tribal Center on Saturday, Sept. 29th. The talent, energy, and inspiriation that they all have is just amazing.

And the message, presented through Maori song and dance, drama, sign language, hip-hop, and rap is to challenge young people: “It’s cool to stay in school”, and “BE FREE: Drug-free, Alcohol-free, Tabacco-free, and Violence-free”.

They have a message board to help people follow their tour, and to communicate with them throughout their journey:  Dramatic Influence New Zealand Group on Yahoo.  They also have an interactive lens page Dramatic Influence NZ that may interest you as well.  Check them out, and this way encourage and support their efforts.  It’s really for all our youth in all our tribes.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Dramatic Influence New Zealand at Nisqually Tribe, Nov. 2007

Maori girls during program

Photos courtesy of Dramatic Influence New Zealand.  

Loss of Canoe Family Members

Our hearts are heavy with grief over the recent loss of several of our Canoe Family and Tribal Communities. This is a partial list. We did not receive the other information.

Mary McQuillen: Elder, Friend, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, and cherished among all our communities and Canoe Families leaves a lasting impression on our lives.

Mary McQuillen’s Services: March 2007

All night Shaker Service: Monday March 26, Neah Bay High School gym.

Funeral Service: 1 PM, March 27, Neah Bay High School gym.

Memorial Service: 1 PM, March 31, Port Townsend First Presbyterian Church.

More Info, CLICK HERE. An online memorial guest book CLICK HERE.


Jane Charles: Elder, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Auntie, cherished member of our Tribal Communities, an example of grace and caring.

Services for Jane Charles: March 2007

Dinner: 5 to 6 PM, Wednesday March 28, Lower Elwha Tribal Center gym (8 miles West of Port Angeles, WA).

Candlelight Prayer Service: 7 tp 10 PM, Wednesday March 28, Lower Elwha Tribal Center gym.

Funeral Service: 12 Noon, Thursday March 29, Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribal Center (Kingston, WA), followed by burial service, and dinner after. 


Vanna Francis: Cherished daughter, Friend, Student, and a shining light where ever she went.

Services for Vanna K. Francis: March 2007

Prayer Service: 5:30 PM, Friday March 23, Lower Elwha Tribal Center gym.

Funeral: 10 AM, Saturday March 24, Lower Elwha Tribal gym. Burial at The Place Cemetery, and dinner after.

Donations can be made at any Key Bank.


Ronnie Scroggins: Son, Friend, Honor Student, Basketball player, and great guy.

Services: Friday, March 23, Neah Bay High School.


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