Tribal Journey to Makah 2010 Update.

Canoes trailered to Pillar Point, Clallam Bay and some to Snow Creek and will paddle to Neah Bay from those points, for a soft landing around 2 pm. Official landing ceremonies after that… maybe around 5 pm.  

Vehicle traffic is very limited in Neah Bay, so be aware of this. There will be thousands of visiters who will be there for the events.

Final Leg of Journey – Paddle to Suquamish 2009

Canoe cross last stretch of water on final leg of their journey to Suquamish Tribe

Today, Monday, August 3, 2009 Canoes travel the last leg of the journey for Paddle to Suquamish. They left the shores of Port Gamble Tribe (Little Boston) and Golden Gardens (Seattle) and will land in Suquamish (Port Madison Tribe) later today. Here, they will take part in official canoe landing ceremonies / protocol where each canoe will announce who they are, where they are from, and ask permission to land. They will be welcomed ashore by dignitaries and elders of the Suquamish Tribe, and invited to join the several days of celebration hosted by that tribe.  

Elwha Spirit Canoe. Photo by Sue Charles/NW Native Media. Copyright 2005




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Journey Update / Alert

This alert was posted on Facebook, and they asked everyone to let other canoes know:

Makah Tribal Journey posted: PAUQUACHIN FIRST NATION has its second case of the SWINE flu confirmed, this is a deadly flu, especially for our elders and infant youth. They were designated to be a stop over for the Eastern Canoes coming down Vancouver Island, but has been stopped.


 Important Swine Flu Info on Suquamish site.. CLICK HERE.


Due to dangerous waters on the West Coast Washington route, Canoes will trailor up to Makah / Neah Bay, then paddle from there on the regular schedule.

See Status Update Report on this.. CLICK HERE.

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Canoe Landing at Cowichan Bay Dock

Tribal Journeys 2008 – July 28 – All canoes gather for Cowichan Events


Date: Canoe Landing Day is Monday, July 28

Place: Cowichan Bay Dock (Westcan Terminal), 5105 Tzouhalem Road, Cowichan Bay

Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 PM Gates open at 2:30 PM


On Landing Day, the Cowichan Spirit Pole will be welcomed home. 


At 5:00 PM Chief Lydia Hwitsum & Elders of Cowichan Tribes will officially welcome Tribal Journeys participants.


Following arrival into Cowichan territory, Canoe Families will participate in four days of Protocol at Si’em Le’lum Field, from July 28 to August 1, sharing songs, dances, gifts and food. Public Welcome.


DIRECTIONS to Cowichan Bay Dock for Canoe Landing Ceremonies  – VIEW – Click Here

DIRECTIONS to Si’em Le’lum Field – Click Here for Map Quest page.

Canoe Progress 7-26-08

South Sound Route canoes (starting July 14), Westcoast Vancouver Island Route (starting Sunday July 13) and West Coast Washington State Canoes (starting July 17) joined together at Songhees.  The combined groups – about 30 canoes – left from Songhees to Tsawout (East Saanich) this morning – July 26.  Next stop – Tsartlip (West Saanich) on Sunday, July 27.

Northern Route Canoes (starting July 7) and Salish Sea Route (starting July 15) traveling East Coast Vancouver Island arrive at Nanaimo today – July 26.

Re: the Question about “Kulleet Bay Landing”

The Northern Canoes and Salish Sea Route canoes will be landing at SHELL BEACH on Sunday July 27th. Prior to this, the Northern Canoes will be met by Journey Coordinators and given full details. 

Info from Dawnda – 7-26-08 1:35 PM

View ALL CANOES Routes page – CLICK HERE

Large Map – all Canoe Routes CLICK HERE





Directions 4 Cowican Meeting June 28, 2008

Per Dawnda: Those attending June 28th Meeting at Cowichan will meet at 11:30 AM at the Indigenous Games headquarters located at: Suite #528, 15-180 Central Road, Duncan, BC V9L 4X3 and then will be escorted to the Somena Bighouse. Got questions? Call Dawnda at 250-746-2008.  

Address to use for Online Map search for Cowichan Meeting at the Somena Bighouse:

5760 Allenby Road, Duncan, BC V9L 5J1

OR, some online map search services prefer: 

5760 Allenby Road, North Cowichan, BC V9L 5J1

Map Quest Directions and Maps and Ferry Crossing Information CLICK HERE


State or Federal Issue Picture ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, and Parental permission forms for minor travelers (under 18 years old).

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? See Info Page – CLICK HERE





Muckleshoot Hosts Canoe Families

Canoe Families Gather At Muckleshoot  

 Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Used with permission.  Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Used with permission.  Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Use with permission.  

Canoes going through the Locks. Photos by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Photos used with permission.

Canoes Arrive Destination. Thousand Welcome Them Ashore.  

After what has been for some, a long but event-filled journey, more than 60 canoes arrived at the Sand Point canoe landing ceremonies with an emotional “Welcome Ashore” wafting over the waters of Northwest Region of Lake Washington. It was a relief to complete the journey, yet an ache that it had ended already.  

Amid traditional ceremony of grace and beauty, the canoes were welcomed, and brought ashore followed by the travel by land to the huge gathering events at Muckleshoot Tribe.  

Muckleshoot has countless time and money toward hosting the canoe families, dignitaries, journey participants, and guests for the week of August 1 through 5 with the coordinating staff being involved and participant in every part of the planning and the journey.  It is expected that several thousand people will take part in, and observe the events. Venders with food, articles of art and clothing, and much more are set up on the grounds area and ready for shoppers.   

The public may attend, keeping in mind that these are culturally significant events which are to be treated with respect and dignity. Remember to be respectful in photographing or videotaping, and mindful that certain of the ceremonies and prayers are traditionally not allowed to be recorded. Coming and going during ceremonies and presentations causes disruption and is discouraged, as is going out on the presentation floor during presentations and ceremonies.  

Basic courtesy and respect is always appropriate, and is highly appreciated.  

For more information, contact Muckleshoot Tribe ,

Auburn, WA.