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Please be aware that the Washington Canoe Society Group – formerly on MSN – is now located on a service called “Multiply”.  MSN closed their Groups service which required the move. The new web address is  . CLICK HERE to go there now. You may need to re-apply for membership but it is easy to do, and will involve setting up a new profile and a webpage for yourself.   

Additionally there are several other Groups / message boards serving Native communities, and other interested people, with ways to share news and updates relating to Canoe Journeys and other events and happenings. These message boards have been in use for several years and are interactive for you to participate in many ways. Just click on the title below to go there.


Native-Canoes Group on Yahoo 

Canoes Northwest Group on Yahoo 

Go-Native-Canoeing Group on Yahoo

NW Canoes Group on Yahoo

There are many ways to stay connected with the Canoe Families and events throughout the year.  We encourage you to participate in as many ways as possible.

Canoe Meetings: Jan. 17, 2009

Jan. 17, 2009 Jamestown will host a Tribal Journey Planning Meeting



Jamestown Tribe / Jamestown Tribal Center 

Address: 1033 Old Blyn Hwy, Sequim WA 98382

(It’s just off Hi-way 101 next to the bay)


2:00 PM snack and Meeting

5:00 PM Dinner, followed by Coastal Jam session


More Info – Contact Vicky Carroll


Jan. 17, 2009 Lummi will host a planning meeting for the mainland Tribes traveling South to Suquamish.


Time info to be announced.

More Info – Contact Smitty Hillaire or Freddie Lane for details.




Jam Session Jan 3, Puyallup Canoe Family Hosts

Jam Session on January 3, 3PM hosted by Puyallup Canoe Family. Location of event: Youth Center on Leeve Road. Address: 5625 52nd St E, Puyallup, WA 98371, Phone # (253) 445-6000

Follow River Road till you come to the bridge. Turn to go to Chief Leschi School. Go LEFT instead of right. Cross the bridge and turn LEFT again. Follow Leeve Road to the Youth Center. It’s the bright Yellow building.

Yahoo Maps


Paddles Up!

“Paddles Up” is the call heard from an estimated 30 to 40 Native Canoes currently “on the water”. These impressive ocean-going canoes, with from 8 to 20 pullers in each, originate from points North, South, West and Northwest, heading for the next village-stops which in succession will add more canoes along each of several routes leading to Cowichan Tribes Territory, B.C. and the big end of Journey events, starting July 28 and concluding August 1st. Also called Paddle to Quw’utsun 2008, these events will be followed by the 2008 North American Indigenous Games, also hosted by Cowichan, which goes August 2 to 10.

CLICK HERE to view the At-A-Glance Calendar of daily canoe stops.  For details of All canoes and their individual routes, and their stops, CLICK HERE


CANOE-INFO has info including how to participate, and first-timers tips. A brief history of the canoe resergence in 1989 and journeys of Native Canoe Journeys of the Pacific NW  since then, protocol insights and much more CLICK HERE.

Please remember to keep good thoughts and prayers going up for the health and safety of all the canoes and support boats, pullers and skippers, ground crews and ground transportaion, coordinators, hosting villages and tribes, and all involved in this year’s Journey!

Directions 4 Cowican Meeting June 28, 2008

Per Dawnda: Those attending June 28th Meeting at Cowichan will meet at 11:30 AM at the Indigenous Games headquarters located at: Suite #528, 15-180 Central Road, Duncan, BC V9L 4X3 and then will be escorted to the Somena Bighouse. Got questions? Call Dawnda at 250-746-2008.  

Address to use for Online Map search for Cowichan Meeting at the Somena Bighouse:

5760 Allenby Road, Duncan, BC V9L 5J1

OR, some online map search services prefer: 

5760 Allenby Road, North Cowichan, BC V9L 5J1

Map Quest Directions and Maps and Ferry Crossing Information CLICK HERE


State or Federal Issue Picture ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, and Parental permission forms for minor travelers (under 18 years old).

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? See Info Page – CLICK HERE





Canoes Registration Forms


Paddle to Cowichan 2008 Participants must get your Participation Registration Forms in ASAP. The deadline has past but some canoe families have not yet submitted your info to the host. Your information is needed for adequate planning. Please download the form and FAX it to Dawnda immediately.  


Please FAX YOUR COMPLETED FORM to (250) 748 – 3183.  Need more info? Email Dawnda at . Thank you for your help in this. Because the Indigenous Games happen right after Journey, we have above and beyond our usual scope of planning, so please submit the registration immediately. We thank you for your consideration in this.



Canoe Safety Equipment Application c 2008


OR: Visit AFSC’s Inter-Tribal Canoe Journey Community Room at . Scroll down to: “Community Documents” and click on: “Safety Equipment Application c 2008”. Either Open and print or Save the document to your computer.

You may complete the form online and email to Jeff at or Print Application and FAX your completed form to Jeff at 206-632-0976.  

To Register for North American Indigenous Games

North American Indigenous Games Participants Registration Info-page CLICK HERE.  

Calendar of Daily Canoe Locations CLICK HERE.

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? See Info Page – CLICK HERE

2008 Paddle to Cowichan – Protocol

Paddle to Cowichan 2008 – The Protocol and other notes:
  • Protocol starts the day the canoes land.
  • Be ready when it is your turn or you will lose you place in protocol.
  • Be respectful to others and cut floor time short to allow for “everyone” to be heard.
  • Be respectful to all canoe families and the HOST please.

 Cowichan will serve one meal a day ~

It was suggested to please bring your own plate, silverware, cup (reuseable!! You wash your own)
There IS a STOP AT Tsartlip
  • Soft landing at Cherry point~
  • Protocol at WestCan Terminal~
  • Canoe storage at Cowichan Bay
It is stated strongly to REGISTAR NOW!!!  so there will be room for everyone and their crews, support boats and canoes.
Stops as known at this time (One day hosting unless stated)

Calendar of Daily Canoe Locations CLICK HERE.

Need your U.S.A. Passport, QUICK? See Info Page – CLICK HERE