Journey 2019 Map

Tribal Journey Map. 2019Journey Map - 2019 to Lummi

2019 Tribal Journey to Lummi

Tribal Journey – Paddle to Lummi has begun.
Canoes are on the water.. from 6 to 10 and more to join daily. 

PADDLES UP!!  Map for current journey, plus:
A few photos we took at Nisqually landing in 2017. Copyright Sue Charles/Native Media.

2013 Paddle

Native Tribal Canoe Journey 2013 – Paddle to Quinault – is on!

Native ocean-going canoes from Washington State, Oregon, British Columbia, Canada, and possibly Alaska are making their way to the Washington Coast Quinault Village of Taholah. All the canoes will gather at Quinault August 1st and will participate in Native Protocol, Songs, Presentations, Gift-giving, and Feasting through August 6th. (See Canoe Journey Schedules, below.)


Canoes of the Puget Sound and Skagit:
Canoes land in Suquamish on July 19th and only spend 1 night and leave on the 20th.

Dates shown are arrival dates:

 July 19 Suquamish

 July 20 Little Boston

 July 21 Port Townsend

 July 22 Jamestown

 July 23 Elwha

 July 24 Elwha

 July 25 Pillar Point

 July 26 Neah Bay

 July 27 Ozette

 July 28 La Push

 July 29 La Push

 July 30 Hoh River

 July 31 Queets

 Aug 1- 6 Quinault


Warm Springs Canoe Project – 2013 Native Tribal Canoe Journey

Columbia River Canoe Schedule
(Subject to change)
July 18. Rock Creek Long House
July 19. Celilo Village
July 20. Hood River
July 21. Cascade Locks
July 22. Ft Vancouver
July 23. St Helens
July 24. West Longview
July 25. Skamokawa
July 26. Chinook Point
July 27. Bay Center
July 28-29. Shoal Water Bay
July 30. Ocean Shores Marina
July 31. Quinault India Nation
Jefferson Greene – Canoe Journey Advisor – Warm Springs Canoe Project
Per Hood River News

Canoe entry Hollywood Beach, Port Angeles

Children quietly listen during protocol.

Children quietly listen during protocol.

Honoring Carol Kirk


Honoring/Memorial for Hum-a-py-nen (Grizzle Bear arriving) Carol A. Kirk, at Lower Elwha and Neah Bay during Tribal Journey 2010 events. 

Carol and her ha-ma (husband) Jim had traveled with the Muckleshoot canoe family and the last 3 years with Skipper Phil Charles and the Elwha Lightening. 

Carol looked forward to this years tribal Journey with much anticipation.  

Carol passed away on Saturday May 29, 2010 and is buried at the old agency cemetery in Mission Oregon beside her Mother.  

Carol was a hereditary Princess of the Cayuse tribe, in Oregon. She didn’t believe in flaunting who she was , so she never told anyone she was royalty, she just wanted accepted for who she was.

Carol was born October 22 1949 in Pendleton Oregon to Leo Crawford and Ernestine Burke Crawford. She was of 4/4 Native blood , Cayuse, Palouse , Walla , and Umatilla. With related ties to Muckleshoot, Nez Perce, Puyallup , Warm Springs, Yakima, Paiute, and Cheyenne tribes. She also have relatives in Canada of the Nez Perce tribe, from the 1877 war. 


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Final Leg of Journey – Paddle to Suquamish 2009

Canoe cross last stretch of water on final leg of their journey to Suquamish Tribe

Today, Monday, August 3, 2009 Canoes travel the last leg of the journey for Paddle to Suquamish. They left the shores of Port Gamble Tribe (Little Boston) and Golden Gardens (Seattle) and will land in Suquamish (Port Madison Tribe) later today. Here, they will take part in official canoe landing ceremonies / protocol where each canoe will announce who they are, where they are from, and ask permission to land. They will be welcomed ashore by dignitaries and elders of the Suquamish Tribe, and invited to join the several days of celebration hosted by that tribe.  

Elwha Spirit Canoe. Photo by Sue Charles/NW Native Media. Copyright 2005




Suquamish Tribe Paddle to Suquamish website 

Protocol Schedule on Suquamish Tribe website  

Volunteers for events hosted by Suquamish Tribe : Tribal Journeys / Paddle to Suquamish

Ravan Spirit Canoe Family at Suquamish Tribe  

Peninsula Daily News: Tribal Canoe Journey: Paddle to Suquamish 

Ben Native Canoe Events page  

Tribal Journeys of the Pacific NW lens page


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Canoes Progress



Now at Elwha – Next Stop Jamestown S’Klallam July 31: 

  • West Coast Vancouver Island Canoes
  • Inside Passage B.C. Canoes
  • West Coast Washington State Canoes


Left Swinomish, Heading for Coupeville today, July 30:

  • Mainland B.C. and San Juan Island Canoes


Left Potlatch/Skokomish – Heading for Brinnon today, July 30:

  • Hood Canal Washington Canoes


NOTE: Some of the groups from Canada have already arrived at Port Gamble.




Click on map to view directions to Suquamish events or Click Here.


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Childrens Documents

Canoe Journey Participants Traveling With Minors (anyone under age 18)

For those traveling with minors, if you are the custodial parent you only need the birth certificate or tribal ID card. If you are not the custodial parent (other relative/friend), you must have a signed, notarized statement from the custodial parent giving temporary custody for the designated period away with permission to provide medical treatment. The permission to provide medical treatment is VERY IMPORTANT.

This important information was posted as a comment to one of the pages on this site, but it rates better exposure for the readers, and all Tribal Journey participants. The info has also been added to the BORDER CROSSING page as well as the Ferry Info page.  

Thank you Linda for providing this information