Vi Hilbert services Dec. 26-27, 2008

Subject: Draft Schedule Vi Hilbert services

To All,


Please pass this on to everyone so we can get word out to as many as possible.

Tentative schedule for Vi Hilbert funeral arrangements.

Friday, Dec.26, 2008

3:00pm: Arrive at Upper Skagit Gymnasium

              Doby Tom family will sing Vi in

              John Cayou, Jr Opening Prayer 


              Open Floor for sharing stories about Vi

5:00pm: Dinner

6:00pm: Social hour

7:00pm: All Denominational Prayer service

9:00pm: End 

Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008

10:00am: Funeral Service Conducted by John Cayou, Jr. Shaker Minister

12:00pm: Lunch

 1:30pm: Family Giveaway


This is all tentative but the family wanted everyone to have an idea about the tentative schedule. The start times are set, this information wasn’t included in the obituary notice.


Information provided by:

Brian Cladoosby Chair Swinomish

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