Muckleshoot Hosts Canoe Families

Canoe Families Gather At Muckleshoot  

 Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Used with permission.  Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Used with permission.  Photo by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Use with permission.  

Canoes going through the Locks. Photos by Rob Casey. Copyright 2006. Photos used with permission.

Canoes Arrive Destination. Thousand Welcome Them Ashore.  

After what has been for some, a long but event-filled journey, more than 60 canoes arrived at the Sand Point canoe landing ceremonies with an emotional “Welcome Ashore” wafting over the waters of Northwest Region of Lake Washington. It was a relief to complete the journey, yet an ache that it had ended already.  

Amid traditional ceremony of grace and beauty, the canoes were welcomed, and brought ashore followed by the travel by land to the huge gathering events at Muckleshoot Tribe.  

Muckleshoot has countless time and money toward hosting the canoe families, dignitaries, journey participants, and guests for the week of August 1 through 5 with the coordinating staff being involved and participant in every part of the planning and the journey.  It is expected that several thousand people will take part in, and observe the events. Venders with food, articles of art and clothing, and much more are set up on the grounds area and ready for shoppers.   

The public may attend, keeping in mind that these are culturally significant events which are to be treated with respect and dignity. Remember to be respectful in photographing or videotaping, and mindful that certain of the ceremonies and prayers are traditionally not allowed to be recorded. Coming and going during ceremonies and presentations causes disruption and is discouraged, as is going out on the presentation floor during presentations and ceremonies.  

Basic courtesy and respect is always appropriate, and is highly appreciated.  

For more information, contact Muckleshoot Tribe ,

Auburn, WA.    

5 Responses

  1. does anyone know where ii can get any of the cds that were sold on the journey’s …really want one…didn’t have any money for them…any info on where and how…please let me know…

    kleko kleko


  2. if you’re interested in seeing more of the photos here of the seattle locks 06 arrival, give me a holler, and i’ll be glad to send out a cd or email of low res pics for small print or email use.

  3. hello my people, i feel the canoe society is such a beautiful thing for our people. This is such a healing time it was for myself. Through out my life time i have experienced quite a few different spiritual avenues, but i feel that this was one of the tops. This is what i feel the future of our people will survive on instead of a car. think about it no gas monies,our people will come closer together, this will bring us back to mother earth the connection so iam thank-ful for the tribes able to see this is good for the future of all of our Native Nations on turtle island. So lummi nation here we come God Bless each and everyone who is there for the future of our people. hoyt

  4. i really liked being up there, i loved it when they arrived’ alot of people were around, got to see alot of friends,family, also my brother Alexander, who started from the begining. He was really happy to see us. Next year hoping to start from day one, to the end. Tribal Journey was better then nothing. Like to see alot more fun, next year

  5. i loved goin through the locks, i have never witnessed something soo amazing before. Tribal Journeys 06 was really fun looking forward 2 see everyone next year

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