Final leg of Journey in progress

Last leg of journey in progress. July 31, 2006

Native canoes are through the locks and paddling their way through the ship canal, Lake Union and Lake Washington to the Northshore area of Sand Point – Warren Magnuson Park.

The contingency of canoes from many tribes and nations of Washington, British Columbia, BC and Alaska, crossed from Suquamish this morning, Monday July 31, arriving as planned at Shilshole Bay, Seattle. They went through the Locks in Ballard district, and are making their way to Sand Point. The official landing ceremonies will take place there, with canoes asking permission to come ashore, and deligates from the Muckleshoot Tribe offering welcome.

The paddle through the canal and the lakes will take three or four hours, with expected arrival at Sand Point between 2 and 3 PM. This time may vary depending on the conditions and the experiences along the way.

After the canoe landing ceremonies, everything moves to Muckleshoot Tribe. The canoes will trailer to Muckleshoot and will be parked there. Thousands are expected to attend this historic gathering which will continue to August 5th.

Muckleshoot has been gearing up for this epic event for the past many months. Their fabulous staff has worked out the countless details for a seamless paddle journey followed by the several days events at the Tribal facilities

More information on the following webpages:

Muckleshoot Tribe

Tribal Journeys

Paddle Journeys of the NW

Canoe Info for the Native Canoe Journeys 


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