Nisqually Canoe Blessing


Story of Nisqually Canoe Blessing  

By LouAnn Squally Saturday,

July 22, 2006 6:40:04 AM

Pride means everythingUpon this day many blessings come about. 
To come together with the power of the good mind.  

The Youth and Elders of the Squalli-absch sit on either side of the newly finished cedar strip canoe to pray for a good journey as they travel to Squamish B.C. and then down to Muckleshoot in both canoes.

The healing for the Medicine Creek Nation has begun.

With the help of Robin whose father is Doug Davis – he worked with the youth and spoke to them about respecting our elders.

And when Isadore Tom Jr. (Dobie) spoke that respect was as it should be.

Kelly Moore, Nisqually’s Alcohol Program Director offered gifts for the elders as well as Dobie and the youth handed them out and shook hands – With a little bit of coaxing and instruction from the Creator, myself, and Robin. I am very proud of them and wish to share that thought.

And we ended it all with the Squalli-absch song which was given back to the people by an elder of the house of Slanay who has made his journey on to the spirit world. The Nisqually people are very rich to have received such a gift.

May all your journeys take you where your heart, mind, body and spirit are needed to keep your Nations strong and enrich our youth to become strong leaders in our traditions.

Additional Note: Everyone PLEASE check on your elders before you take off on tribal journeys. (Even though they try to drink lots of water, they can still get dehydration, and may need medical care.)  


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3 Responses

  1. May each tribe be truly blessed by our ancestors as they make the sacred journeys upon the pathways of our native people.
    May there be many prayerful feelings, great feasts, potlatchs and strong friendships amongst you all.
    And be safe.

  2. As a woman from Ireland I want to acknowledge the great respect I have for the first nations people of Turtle Island.
    Chief Dan George believed that the First Nations would rise again and become the leaders of Turtle Island.I hold that vision in my heart. Your people are strong and dignified. Tribal Journies is incrediable and Chief Gerry Jack’s life is a testimony to that.
    I hope I live to see the return of the sacred ways again. I honor your nations and I ask for forgiveness for everyone from my nation who hurt your nations. Genocide is real and needs to be adressed from the heart of peace.May we move forward in unity of love.
    All My Relations

  3. To all members of Tribal Journeys
    May the Blessing of the Great Spirit be with you all at this time,
    Chee Xial Taaiixou
    ( Chief Roy Jones Jr ) Haida Gwaii

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