Report from KUHB Radio

NEWS from the Journey 

 Report from KUHB, Pribilof Islands Public Radio, St. Paul Island, Alaska

Our first story is posted today.  You can download it from our KUHB website, and feel free to share it with anyone, and everyone.  Especially other radio stations!   

We’re still on Lake Union doing water safety training.  The barge with our other bidarkas should have arrived this morning.  I think that our crew is planning on staying for another day or two before hitting the water.  

We’ll have a new story every day for the next two weeks, so stay with us on our Journey to Muckleshoot.  

Today’s Story covers Water Safety Training in our bidarkas.  Skipper Marc Daniels talks about what we need to know to be safe, Jessica Mata-Rukovishnikoff learns how to get back into a flipped bidarka, and Jacob Merculief challenges his fear of water.  

Josh KrohnKUHB General Manager 


4 Responses

  1. The Canoe Journey was awsome and it was my first year.i cannot wait for next year to go on the canoe journey with snoqualmie tribe…even though we had to pull in the river canoe the whole wayy it was worth it…our ocean canoe will be ready before the next canoe journey…it just wasn’t ready this year..and going through the locks was AWSOME as i would say…im really excited to go next year…i had fun pulling and bein a family with the canoe family and learning and singing many songs of our tribal songs.

  2. Aang !!

    I am pleased to hear you on the radio – and to know you have come this far. Each of the Aleut people, having come this far, are so very special and inspirational.

    My heart and spirit are with you on this special journey. May the waters be smooth for you, and the winds gentle.

    With great respect,
    Lois Chichinoff Thadei ( Aleut – Sealaska )

  3. Canoes are scheduled to arrive at Shilshiole Bay from Suquamish about 9 AM on Monday July 31st. So, will be going through the locks after that (probably 9:30 to 10 to 10:30). Be sure to arrive early because there will be crowds of people wanting to see the canoes. Parking is limited in the area of the Locks. (See information page for the Locks and Parking information on this website.)

  4. My family would love to see the canoes go through the Ballard Locks, and pay our respects to the paddlers–do you know about when on Monday, July 31 the canoes will be at the locks? Thanks, Shelley

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