NEWS from the Journey

This morning, leaving Squamish Nation (North Vancouver, B.C.), the Wa He Lut School (Olympia, WA) canoe tipped and broke. Thankfully all were saved.

It is reported that the incident was caused by a combination of 10 foot swells and riptide. A huge wall of water crashed over the canoe, flooding and swamping it. Their support boat quickly did the rescue and saved every person.

This is the first Canoe Journey for these youth who trained and were prepared for the long days of paddling. 

Wa He Lut School teaches the traditional ways: to be respectful and not to criticise others.

 Canoe takeoff from Pt. Townsend 2003 AAA - DSC00142.JPG AA - DSC00257.JPG 

Editors note: We were in prayer very early this morning, since about 3 or 4 AM, for all those on the water this day, and throughout the journey.


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  1. Hoyt Kwee,

    It is good to hear from the canoes on the water and that they are caring for one another. It is nice to know that Harry Moon is on the Journey and I have thought of him during these days while Iam landlocked in Indiana. It gives me great pride to share the exploits of the Canoes to the people of these prairies. Some times when the wind is blowing I hear the songs.

  2. Stay safe everyone. Many people are anticipating your safe arrival here in Seattle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    -Cynthia Masterson

  3. Greetings all!!!!

    Right when I went on the air today, Harry Moon called me and told me their canoes are doing fine…I was so relieved to hear from them after hearing about the canoe mishap with the Wa He Lut canoe…and that everyone was saved and ok….so Harry thanks again, good to hear your voice!

    I will extend the offer for others to check in on my show, send greetings and prayers to everyone through the airwaves…I would love to hear from any of you…or even well wishes.

    My show is called NAMAPAHH FIRST PEOPLE’S RADIO:

    And I have been sharing past interviews of Tribal canoe journeys on my show over the last few weeks and while my son Tyler and I are on journey with all the other canoe families, my show will be hosted by Jerome Edge(my regular co-host) or automated with more tribal journey interviews and music. (Mostly on my Thursday night show 7-8pm…with Sundays being documentaries about various things in & around Indian country.) will be the link to listen online.(PST)

    See you all on the water or at the gathering at Muckleshoot, looking forward to it!

    Travel mercy prayers, stay safe, hydrated, wear those hats & lfie vests(FORSURE!)…we love you all, let’s avoid any accidents when & where we can..

    Coming from a place of love, Robin Carneen

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