Updates applied

Updates to schedules, as confirmed by published information has been applied to canoe schedules on these pages.

DISCLAIMER: This site posts information as is made available. Published times, stops, and locations are subject to change without prior notification due to unknown factors relating to the nature of the canoeing events. 

The continuity of these are not the responsibility of the webhost, or Tribal Journeys Coordinators. All coordinators and web support personnel are doing the very best possible to publish updates as soon as they are made available. 

If conflicting information is given by different groups, the responsibility lies with the groups to contact us with updates and corrections, or publish updates and corrections on their own websites as information resources.

Thank you for your support in keeping current information available to all those who rely upon this site for their internet information for planning their participation in Tribal Journeys Events.


Tribal Journeys web host


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