Tribal Journeys 2006 – Paddle to Muckleshoot

Journey 2006 Invitation

Paddle To Muckleshoot

July 31, 2006 Canoe Arrivals

 Muckleshoot Tribe Logo DSC08795.JPG Tribal Journey 2006 - Paddle to Muckleshoot logo 

Welcome Canoe Families from around the world. The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe invites all Canoe Families to the shore of Lake Washington (Seattle, Washington, USA) in 2006.

As you plan for your journey to Muckleshoot please prepare for your arrival to Sand Point (old Naval Station) via the Ballard Locks and the ship Canal.

We will expect your canoes to arrive to our shore on July 31, 2006.

At this time we have commitments (to join us) from the Hawaailoa and Hukelea Canoes from Hawaai, and maybe a canoe from New Zealand.

It is hoped that you all will make it to our shores safely. It will be a great honor to have you here in 2006.

Per Walter Pacheco,
Muckleshoot Canoe Captain

 Nisqually and Squaxin Welcome party Landing at Port Angeles 2005 Canoe landing Port Angeles 2005 

5 Responses

  1. This canoe Journey was awsome!! Im from the Lee-Cho-Esse Canoe family (Queets) and we all pulled together as one not by individual! we listened to our elders! Im not saying we are better but this journey was healing to me and many others that went on the journey to Muckleshoot. Well im 14 yrs old and from Queets and i like your page to!! Also I wanted to know how to find pictures of our canoe family and people from our tribe

  2. Laura, please check out the VOLUNTEER page at
    This was sent to me this morning. Word this morning (wednesday July 26) that help is still needed in food preparation, serving, and all those wonderful tasks involved in getting people fed and cared for.

  3. I would like to volunteer to assist. Are there any native only events?

    I am Dine’/Cherokee

  4. The Canoes from Hawaii will not be coming due to the passing of their elder Gil Havane and their Captain of the Canoe Family. The Hawaiian family of “Uncle Gill” will be here and will fly into Seattle to spread some of Uncle Gil’s ashes in Lake Washington. His presence will be there with us. The CAnoe from New Zealand will not be coming due to funding constraints

  5. Where will the Hawaiian and New Zealand Canoe’s be starting from?

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